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Do they run small?
I went to Aldo with every intention of picking up a pair, but the toe really put me off. On me it looked too blunt and clunky, Doc Marten-esque.
Just to +rep the Dallas West Village location, I made a significant purchase on the day after the clearance sale had ended and the discount was still honored. Much thanks!
Is there some additional after-Christmas clearance discounting? 30% off blazers makes me wish I wouldn't have waited...
Spoo, who makes this tie? Is it woven silk? [[SPOILER]]
That's not FedEx, that's your government. Buy Canadian!
For the record, this. And when I checked the website this morning, you could no longer order the white oxford in medium.
Rugby canceled my custom oxford (oos) :-/
Great look, gnatty. What's the jacket?
On the Zegna jacket, does the length include the collar?
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