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Suit came in. Quality is pretty damn good. Material is beautiful and the chalk stripes are done really well. Unfortunately it doesn't fit me at all. Way too slim for my frame. It's going back to mr porter unless anyone here wants it. Retail was $3k I believe but I paid $1500. Let me know through dm I guess. Otherwise taking it to ups on Monday. Still looking for that shearling flight jacket in 48 if anyone has one. KOP is bringing one in for me to try but $5k is more...
Have any of you guys tried their suits? How's the fit and quality? Just ordered the chalk stripe one from mr porter sale. Also if anyone has the black leather flight jacket with brown shearling in a 48, please let me know.
Just got these in, unfortunately they're too big. Original owner had them resoled with a black vibram sole, which I think looks better than the original white. Size 8, but run a little big. Bin: $750 obo.
Ok I hate to be this guy, but I have a sizing question. I'm 5'6" around 155. Definitely have a stocky build with big shoulders and arms. I'm so confused with how to size for a MDR or Moto. Would I need a 50 with much shorter lengths? My biggest concern is that it'll be too tight in the upper arm area. I like my clothes fitted but I don't want to be busting out of anything. Thanks for any input dudes.
amazing price. wish it were smaller!
Any chance anyone has a MDR in size 48 with 46 sleeves?
what size do you normally wear in sneakers?
I usually wear a size 8 in Nike, vans, nb etc. Would a size 39 in CP fit?
what size?
what size?
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