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Quote: Originally Posted by Todd6060 If the sleeve has 4 buttons now could you just remove the bottom one and keep the other 3 where they are? +1 I did this on a blazer that originally had four buttons on each sleeve. It allowed me to shorten the sleeves 1/2 inch.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE i have an informal meeting with a recruiter from a consulting firm (booz&co, if it matters) and the dress is "business casual." it's a lunch meeting and there will be other prospects. i'm in college. what the fuck does that mean? counselor suggest i wear a a suit with no tie, but tbh i dont think that sounds good. Keeping in mind that I live in CA, which is very casual, I would suggest a navy...
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius I thought it stood for Haute Couture. That doesn't even make sense. Haute couture generally refers to custom-fitted clothing (for women). A Hermes belt is RTW.
My understanding is that the older ones were fully canvassed, but the newer ones are half-canvassed. I haven't handled one of the newer ones though--that's just hearsay from the forum. I do have one that I think is from a season or two ago that is fully-canvassed, and seems to be decent quality overall.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear Rofl exactly. I take that water resistant to 50m as a sign it can be worn in the shower. Obviously I would never take one in there! Seriously, listen to us and leave your expensive watches at home. Unless you just have unlimited money to drop that is. But then again, why stop at the Sub/Speedy Pro and go with a JLC? I think you guys are nuts. Why a buy a diving watch if you are never going to get it wet? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by BBdude I don't know - how often are you diving more than 167 feet? I'm guessing if you're asking this kind of question it's probably good enough for what you do .... most scuba diving is done in the 100 to 130 feet range. If you're going deeper than 167 feet I suggest the Omega Seamaster (e.g., Planet Ocean good up to depths of 2,000 feet or Ploprof up to 4,000 feet) or the Submariner which is good to depths of 1,000...
Quote: Originally Posted by urymoto also saw the speedy pro is only good for 50meters. is that enough for occasional diving? No. That's watch-speak for "it can get rained on without ruining it." If you are actually going to get in the water, you want something rated for at least 100m.
Quote: Originally Posted by urymoto i am shocked that so many of you wont take your dive watches diving!!loool wtf? A g-shock for diving or a timex? no im looking for something that can survive anything i put it trough...including -40C, diving at 30 meters for 30-40 minutes, sleeping, spearfishing, sneaking around "assassins creed" style... I you want to get a watch for diving, get a diving watch--not a Speedmaster. As mentioned...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I would guess that this means that it's 75% rayon made of bamboo, 25% rayon made of other stuff. +1 I recall reading an article about a year so so ago (maybe in the NY times) about the fact that references to bamboo in clothing labeling was just a gimmick as rayon made from bamboo is no different from any other kind of rayon.
Got some Paul Stuart shoes from forex. Great seller, fast shipping, etc.
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