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Looking for the J Crew Seaspey Fair Isle sweater, sz Small. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/sweaters/wool/PRDOVR~30343/30343.jsp
Impulse buy. I've been wanting some suede tassels for a looong time.
Hey guys, I just purchased these on eBay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/111173816072 My original thought was that they were categorized wrong as a ladies shoe, when they're actually these: http://abitofcolor.tumblr.com/post/62865286879/style-cool-ture-crockett-and-jones-ralph Did I just buy ladies shoes? I was also thinking that 7.5b was actually 7.5d US, which is my size. What size did I just get? I couldn't find a consensus answer on Google. Thanks!
I'm looking for some Gap selvage jeans in Straight or Authentic fit sz 31, or 32. Specifically, I'm looking for a pair that has some kind of "washed" look, not "rigid". These will probably have to be from years back, as I have not seen washed selvage from Gap in a while. Thanks for looking!
So, I bought these shoes on eBay for $2 hoping that they'd look halfway decent after a cleaning and polish. They are labeled "Freeman Ultra Flex" - can anyone tell me anything about them? Much appreciated.
Does anyone have experience with Berwick loafers? I was wondering how the sizing runs. Usually wear a 7D/E, 7.5D, but can get some 7.5Cs- not sure if they will be too narrow.
Will these "raw" jeans shrink up at all if I soak them? I'd like them to shrink in the seat a little bit.
Could someone kindly help me identify this shoe: Thanks!
They seem comparable. Definitely worth a shot IMO.
Got these today. They are in fact an improvement over the crappy selvage of late. They are fairly heavy and stiff... seems they could actually be raw. I would say that the "original" fit on these fit is pretty similar to Gap's straight, but elevated just a little more.
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