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Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Finally picked up the workshirt in rust/navy/tan flannel. Best flannel fabric they have done since the navy/red/white iconic plaid of fall '08. Was looking to kop that love the pattern, where did you get it from? I'm hoping to get it on sale but the only place stateside I know of carrying it is Odin and its still at full price.
anyone know if odin plans on marking down their remaining eg stock?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 nice fit, shoreman. has anyone ever told you that you resemble casey affleck?
some more looks at the cpo shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Just an update... Since finishing my fast a week a go I can still feel the effects my body was experiencing during the fast, albeit on a lesser scale. I think my body still hasn't fully transitioned out of the fasting state, as I still have the white film on my tongue and I haven't been able to consume very large portions of food (even though I tried to on christmas night). So far I have gained back 2...
anyone know of anywhere that has some of the plaid workshirts from this season on sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Yes. Yes. Yes.
$15 shipping for a knit hat argh
Quote: Originally Posted by djblisk Now eat a dick and die.
agreed those look awesome time to save up some moneez
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