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Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 noice, tempts me to kop that maine jacket off of yoox
Stay crispy.
Quote: Originally Posted by coaster An assortment of solid polos from RL and Lacoste Step 1: Don yourself with all your polos. Step 2: Pop collars.
st elmos steakhouse in indy is good as well as the rathskeller german beer hall restaurant. indianapolis museum of art off of 38th is worth a visit. edit - broad ripple on the northside of indy has alot of bars restaurants + some pretty interesting shops if youre into that as well
picked up the upland jacket and one of the knockabout shirts
Would you say these fit TTS?
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty I don't like to hate, but is anybody else really sick of this aesthetic or do i spend too much time on sf? you spend too much time on sf. which aesthetic are you keen to?
^ awesome! details?
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Isn't it chained to you?
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 annnnnnnd Hello! Size medium. Low BIN. sweet thanks mang
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