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anywhere online have any of the workshirts from this season on sale? odin did but all the bigger sizes seem to be gone.
also looking for something like this, any recs? http://i52.tinypic.com/2whf24j.jpg
Drop to 90.
Have sold here numerous times and plenty of feedback on the bay. Engineered Garments F/W 2010 plaid workshirt. Purchased from Odin this season, tags still attached. $100 -> $90 shipped CONUS Let me know if you have any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear And you're gonna dance in your blazer from men's warehouse?
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonT Jeans : Dior MIM Chambray shirt : Chambray by Monoprix (French supermarket) tie : J Crew flannel Sportcoat : B. Garbo (French brand) Derbies : Markowski (French brand) Gloves : JB Guanti perfect.
obama made a funny!
high speed rail and internet wtf is he talking about
Quote: Originally Posted by racknac waiting for you to post what EG F/W 10 items are on sale. this. gary, do you have any EG F/W flannel workshirts available in M?
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