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http://www.grungygentleman.com/2011/11/grungy-gentleman-holiday-guide-2011.html#more what a joke, his comments are almost worse than his blog. this dude is a turd "During the colder months, keeping your head warm is essential. The quality of this hat's fabric is of the utmost and will have you looking dapper in any situation. Locking down key essentials are the ingredients to a wicked wardrobe." "GQ Editor-in-Chief, Jim Nelson digs this bag. How do I know? He saw me...
i see you
link doesnt work
everything looks too plain, neat, and drab. looks like something your mom laid out for you in the morning. throw some color in there or some unique pieces to mix things up.get rid of that damn comb over. shave your head or at least get a diff haircut i know you're a lawyer but you don't need to look like you're 45
Do the EG tab collars run true to size this season? I've had to size up in the EG workshirts since it seems like they're running a little smaller now. I usually take a M in the 19th cent. and a L in the workshirts.
How do the chinos fit in the waist? True to size? Does the waist stretch at all after some wear? Thx.
Brand new in box. Standard brown boat shoe w/ full leather lining. Fantastic leather and build typical of Yuketen. Size 10.5. $140 shipped CONUS. Paypal only. Questions please ask. Thanks!
Which season is this from? Thx.
Sold Sold Sold Sold
any of the plaid workshirts from this season
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