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PM sent on the rag and bone.
What condition is the EG hoodie in? Also, what color is it? Is it white or more of a cream? Thanks.
You still have this rag and bone for sale? If, so I'll take it...
Is the clicker jacket in the light blue/chambray?
wish this was a medium
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ^eh? Are you asking if a medium EG shirt fits similarly to a medium EG jacket? As far as I know, the answer would be: it depends on which jacket. lol, sorry I didn't phrase that well. Yes, that was one of my questions; also, I was wondering if the button up's from WWM and EG generally fit the same. My assumption was yes, but I wanted to confirm because I'm thinking about buying some EG pieces. I take a...
Take an XL in BoO shirts and I have a medium Woolrich Woolen Mills shirt that fits well, what a medium fit in EG shirts and are jackets generally the same?
what sizes do you have left in the EG streaky denim? and what are the inseams? thanks
pm sent
insoles rock
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