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While I have not had any experience with their denim, their chino quality seems to be lacking. Recently picked up a pair of chinos from context, tried them on once then washed them once in the washer, and two buttons fell off :/
Anyone have any experience ordering from johnathan+olivia? I am in the US and called and sent them an email inquiring about ordering some sale items from this season. Their reply was that at this time they are not authorized to sell EG either via online, email, or phone order...
how do the workshirts fit this season?
whose got the best price on indys at the moment?
Some interesting models, haven't heard much about them. Anyone have any experience with them, quality justify the price? not expecting amazing quality, but worth it on sale and for something id probably only wear a couple months out of the yr?
looks good also from the pics seems like the arms are decently slim fitting as well
agreed it seems like the side gussets are sitting right at the jean waistline if not bordering above
whose got the best price on eg plaid workshirts online right now? i know odin has the multi-colored on sale right now
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