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uniqlo, brooks brothers, gitman brothers vintage, steven alan, folk. find them on sale
bedford at pitti
Any good options from military type websites, or are the fit on those atrocious?
quick release belts available here: Not sure if worcestershire leather co. makes them for EG but they seem like they are exactly the same to me.
Blue chambray workshirt with red stitching popped up on yoox in sizes s,m,l just kopped one in large not a bad deal at 120 with 13% off with code yoox2013
looks great how did you size
First delivery in at Nepenthes....from Nepenthes blog..
my experience with J+O has been garbage. didn't even realize they mailed outside of canada. last f/w i called them up and tried to order a workshirt - lady helping me on the phone didn't even know what engineered garments was and then proceeded to tell me that they won't ship outside of canada....
Internet is serious business
saw this eg jacket just pop on yoox any insight as to what model jacket this is and from what s/s season
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