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Hi All, I'm having a problem and was wondering if anyone can help. This is the second time wearing my ferragamos and I got some water drops on them which caused some marks. When I got home, I used a clean damp rag to clean them and noticed the colour rubbing off completely. I then used some shoe cream and polish and that too caused the colour to rub off. No matter what cream or polish I use - nothing sticks. What can I do to put them back to normal. I've including...
Update - I got it opened!
While at work today - someone was playing with my briefcase (the button and the 3 wheels) - they never opened it - just moving and pressing the button - anyways - I can't open my briefcase now - I'm thinking they changed the combination. Doesn't feel like it's broken. Any suggestions on how to open this - without going thur all 1000 combinations? each wheel is number 0-9 - only the button on the right is the one that moves - the left side doesn't move - here's a...
Nice looking shirts - glad to hear they fit without issues!
I have afew of the JL Signature and Lipson Gold shirts - very happy with them. I usually see them go between $175 and $275 + tax in Toronto - This is for big and tall sizing. This price includes free alterations. Is the store you were looking at providing free alterations with purchase?
I have afew AE shoes and never felt like I got a perfect fit - each one had minor problems. I live in Canada and went to Chicago to AE hoping to get a proper fitting. Three experts there were of no help - didnt even measure me - I was given different sizes to try on and walk around. When I asked about the varies lasts and explain which ones I had and the problems - they couldnt answer any questions nor did they provide any suggestions. I also called their support line...
thanks for all the replies! I was thinking of purchasing a purple cashmere hat to match a purple cashmere scarf that I have - they were 99% identical in colour. What stopped me from getting it was the fact that I had a mental image of only children and women wearing matching hats/scarves - hence the reason for this post. Again thanks
Hi everyone - quick question - do you think it's proper for a man to wear the same, solid colour, hat and scarf? What's everyones take on this?
Wondering - did anyone find a working link for this youtube video? Or better yet - did anyone make a copy of it? thanks
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