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In case anyone is interested, Square is having a 50% off sale on their games online, including some PS1 and PS2 games (mostly FF). Here are the games I was able to buy: DS Chrono Trigger $9.99 PS1 Chrono Cross $7.49 PS1 FF Anthology (V and VI) $7.49 PS2 FF X $9.99 PS2 FF X-2 $7.49 PS3 FF XIII-2 $9.99 PS3 Tomb Raider Trilogy $7.49 Cheaper than buying...
Donna walking back into her job---daaayyuuumm
Why's Bond in black tie during daylight? Why wouldn't he be in his naval uniform?
She had some bounce lately.
Next question: Can I just plug in any ol' wifi antenna into my router? I have this "extended range" antenna from my old g router and my new n router has 2 antennae anyway...
I changed Tx Power from 20 to 35 dBm. However, I read online that it is firmware-capped at 16, even if it shows 20+. Might mess with that later... Also, what setting should I choose for channel? It was set at "Auto" and my phone showed it at Ch 1, but the signal was less than ideal compared to 11. I then changed it to 11 and suddenly 1 was the better channel...what gives?
I have this:
I couldn't figure out how to find this answer online: I have a 802.11n router. Can I extend the range of the same SSID using older 802.11g equipment? If so, how will speed be impacted? Will the devices close to the n signal still transfer at n speeds or will the entire network drop to 802.11g speeds?
lol Rees
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