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price drop
My order details are confirmed. And question PM sent.
I'm sorry for my error, edited the measurements. Both are almost same, 18.5. Thank you for your inquiry.
Gray Sport Coat by Samuelsohn US 40R by Samuelsogn Will ship from South Korea by EMS shipping, available tracking number. price shipped to US $99 $90 If you ask about another shipped price, I'll reply to you ASAP. Details - Brand New with tags - Made in Canada - 80% wool, 20% cotton, no information about lining - 2 front button, 4 sleeve buttons - side vents - 3 front flap pockets(incl 1 ticket pocket), 4 internal pockets - fully canvased - ‘Edward’ model Measurements -...
Is this Samuelsohn? I posted
Hi, SFers. I've got this Paul Stuart SC made in Canada. What I only know Canadian suit maker is Samuelsohn. I've already search but I can't find this tag by Samuelsohn, only find recent 'white' tag but this is light 'yellow' tag. I think this is somewhat old stock. But I don't know exactly how many years old. Anyway, I just want to know this SC's maker. Thanks
PMed on #8.
PM sent on #13 pants.
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