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I'd save up and go with Glaser Designs
I have this bag. I agree it would be hard to fit a lunch box, depending on the shape. It doesn't handle laptop computers well either. however, it is great for notebooks, papers, newspapers, etc.If you are willing to spend that much money and have the patience to wait a few months while it is produced, speak to the Glasers. They will recommend and build a bag to suit your needs exactly. I agree with althanis. If it isn't perfect you may never use it.
White's semi dress are generally MTM. They should fit better. You can make them more or less casual based on the design/leather you choose.
In Hawaiian style an Aloha Shirt=Suit (mainland-style)
Bow ties? The Cordial Churchman Carrot & Gibbs
This is a blog of tailor & the custom (trad) clothes they make:
Sounds like you did your homework. The OP seems to have disappeared. I have a few of their items--one bookcover and one envelope--and they are really well-made and functional. They are a pleasure to use and would recommend them for the simplicity and quality. I hope you have many years of dry and healthy use of the poncho!
Ok, this is the same Postalco. Here is the link to the shop. It isn't listed as a product on the site. I have been to the real shop in Japan and it is small and quaint. By small I mean it is probably 12x12 feet. In any case, on the site it says to contact the shop directly with inquiries on items that are not on the site. The email address is: Here is a list of other retailers. There are lots.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac One of the nicest I've seen. +1 for the Glaser. I have one. High quality & simple.
pics and/or link?
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