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best knicks D in years
nuggets lineup has multiple guys who can score at or near twenty a game and a good point guard, if they play at a fast pace, which they will, they'll lead the league in scoring or be top three obviously they're not a contender and might be a borderline playoff team but they have a full rotation of guys who can play. they're not the cavs, who start guys like manny harris and jermario moon davis v. mo williams, id take the guy with the shorter contract, whomever that is
cavs comparison retarded. i don't know about 'well above average' but they can all play and denver already has guys like affalo and smith who were scoring way below their potential solely because melo was on the team. also, felton is not the starter, lawson is, really no reason to think felton will start considering he's worse in every aspect of basketball except maybe defense. he's a backup pg who managed to start like six years cause he's been on shit teams, lawson may...
it has the memorable ending the 'unexpected public performance' (though in this movie, it was expected) in the vein of little miss sunshine (another shitty movie) or pret a porter (better) and probably a hundred others dialog indeed distractingly terrible, and probably poor casting with cassel, id remebered him as a good actor, but his delivery on almost every line here was embarrassing
agree with hollinger, perhaps other than the billups/felton argument (billups is better now and will be better next year, felton should prob be a backup pg in the nba, billups will make the hof), however neither is part of long term future so no big deal either way
i like melo's asg look, amare pretty good, heat guys look good, like horford's suit and sweater but shirt and tie ruin it
yea id be surprised if billups seeks a buyout i know we werent playing him but what i don't like is dealing randolph in this deal just so the nuggets can save $$$, he couldve been a key player post-deal hurts to lose mozgov too and sad to see gallo go
animated gif #2 is from the stepfather, horrible movie, but she's almost exclusively bikined and wet, maybe four scenes
veronica - nicholas christopher
ive no problem with us tv being '20 years behind' or its 'backwardness' and 'puritanism' if they mean two more decades without graphic homosexual romps on primetime. just another pleasant american quirk like our relative lack of pervasive antisemitism compared to europe or our overabundance of obese men
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