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Dr. T, I had searched this thread extensively and saw your pictures -- very nice. Your advice as to fitting was the brand endorsement that helped me decide to stick with TG73 for the St. James II. Many thanks again.
blue2007, I get what you are saying. To my 54 years old eyes, the TG73 is a traditional chisel toe. Now the Decco last is what I would call 'slick'. After much contemplating, I think that Tony Gaziano's design elements are a perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The fact that G&G can offer so many variables is amazing in comparison to any other manufacturer of similar scale.I am excited to go down this path. From what I have gathered in this appreciation thread and...
G&G's archive section of their website has great photos. You can search images by last, e.g. MH71. After helpful advice here, I decided to stick with the TG73 last, the same as G&G makes them for stock. And the Euro is down! The USD finally gains an advantage. I am trying to help with our trade deficit. ;-)
That's exactly the advice I had hoped to receive. Thanks again, TtownMD!
TtownMD, many thanks for your reply. Perhaps I should leave things as they are originally designed. My foot is a B width and G&G's Nick told me they can MTO an extra narrow. Thanks again, sir.
I will appreciate any commentary from anyone's personal experience for all day wearing comfort of the TG73 & MH71 lasts? I plan to order a St James II in Vintage Cherry, but I can't decide between the square toe of the TG73 or the soft square toe of the MH71. My best shoes to date are Aldens in Hampton, Barrie, and Van lasts, and a pair of RM Williams Comfort Craftsmen for bad weather days. Thanks in advance.
It has been my experience that Alden will recraft shoes even if they have been resoled elsewhere. Be advised, at $165.00 your shoes will not be as good as new, but Alden can do more than your local cobbler--e.g. recork the midsole, replace the welt, put the shoe on the original size last for resole.I have three pair that have been back at least twice, and all of them had been resoled elsewhere between recrafts at Alden.
I was there last week and tried on a suit jacket by Sartorio(?) for $3,900. They also have their own line sourced in Italy for $995. I have a few of their ready made shirts - both in general size (L), and one that is 16/35. They are slim but not foppish, and the fabrics seem to be worth the $135 to $165 price point. Also, they have a broad selection of wool Marcolioni socks. I bought seven pair at $24.00 per. The staff is friendly and helpful. Sid's is worth a visit...
Costco has great pricing. My TV was $300 less at Costco than at Best Buy. When you go above 46" expect to pay at least a grand more to go up to 55". I think 3D TV is going to be a passing fad, besides you can't get any dorkier than those ridiculous powered glasses.
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