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That hairy bear is choking
Best advice is to be in the best shape you can be. That tends to forgive many fashion sins. Secondly, stick to basics and make sure they're tailored for your body. Shoes are absolutely critical - women pay a lot of attention to this as a method of pre-judging. Don't overthink the look or try to peacock for attention. That will draw more ire than positives. Overall I would say if you're asking the question of "how to attract wimminz" with how you dress the last thing you...
No. Environmental sprezz you see.
And if you think this is acceptable we now know, as if we didn't before, that your other opinions are informed by wigger/hip hop culture/wtf rather than civilized behavior. But then I realize that America hating is in vogue so it's all expected.
Absolute fucking win.He's probably been texting people all day trying to find a poor person that can hire him.
You wear the top strap unbuckled to make pedaling easier.Problem solved.
Fashion forum dickriders.
The guy on the left has done absolutely no balling.
Don't know about lacking taste, but he's obviously too young to have cultivated this already. The collection of fads is really a collection of looks discovered here and on any other group of websites, from the bracelets to the vintage watch and sockless loafers all the way to the intentionally sprezzed tie. Hopefully he will evolve from a caricature into a man with his own steez.
No, because generally "custom" watches are euphemisms for "customized fakes." Especially from those locales.
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