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Completely agree. VWFRR 13 year Rye is my favorite whiskey out there right now. Had my choice of one bottle from the full Van Winkle and BTAC line yesterday. I've never seen the Rye at retail so chose it without hesitation. It's been tanked for a while now, and who knows how long the current stocks will last. I'm not holding my breath that the future Buffalo Trace distillate will come close.If only I could come across a dram of the VW 1985 15 year Rye...
That's quite a bunker!Have you tried the BMH 18 year rye? I enjoyed that more than the 23 year, which was too oaked for my taste.Speaking of ryes, what did it take to swing a trade for the VWFR 13 year rye?
Try the Boulevard Saison-Brett. Nice improvement upon the Tank 7.
What did you think of that James E Pepper 15 year?I had a bottle that was horrible. Thin. Too much burn. Worst bourbon that I've tried. Reviews seem to be really mixed. Some love it. Others call it rotgut and pickle juice.
Picked up the Filson x Magnum Camera Field Bag. Tin cloth and twill exterior; adjustable snap closure; water resistant; numerous pockets, modular dividers. Works great as a camera bag. Even better as a baby bag for those fathers out there. http://www.filson.com/products/camera-field-bag.70147.html?fromCat=true&fvalsProduct=collections/filson-magnum&fmetaProduct=cc15/
New without tags Filson Medium Field Bag (232) in Navy Cotton Twill. Purchased 1 month ago directly from Filson. Cut the tags off but never used. Looking for $150 shipped. Thanks for looking.
For those still looking for sizing help, count me as another vote for Marlow wingtip = Alden Barrie sizing. I'm an 8.5D in Alden Barrie, 8.5D Gianni, and 8.5D Marlow.Now about those Lindricks...
Not really. 93 proof for the commemorative vs standard 90 proof.
The foxing on the Full Strap is curved. The Alden x BB Tassel has a squared foxing. I had read that the Alden x BB foxing style was exclusive to BB, then saw it on Alden makeups for other retailers. Just seemed odd to me.
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