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Looking for P2 sizing help. I wear Alden Barrie 8D and Carmina Rain 7.5UK as well. Debating between 41 and 41.5 for Vass P2. Any thoughts one way or the other?
TWE is sold out of the 2014 4RLE1B. I picked up a couple when they announced the end of it.
Vermont distro only...
The pre-order for the Leffot natural CXL chukkas is going fast. A lot of sizes gone quickly.
MidWinter Night's Dram is one of the better limited releases out this year.
Decent haul this year. No Pappy though. ORVW 10, VWFR 13 Rye, WLW, Saz 18, THH. Fortunately all at retail.
Completely agree. VWFRR 13 year Rye is my favorite whiskey out there right now. Had my choice of one bottle from the full Van Winkle and BTAC line yesterday. I've never seen the Rye at retail so chose it without hesitation. It's been tanked for a while now, and who knows how long the current stocks will last. I'm not holding my breath that the future Buffalo Trace distillate will come close.If only I could come across a dram of the VW 1985 15 year Rye...
That's quite a bunker!Have you tried the BMH 18 year rye? I enjoyed that more than the 23 year, which was too oaked for my taste.Speaking of ryes, what did it take to swing a trade for the VWFR 13 year rye?
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