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Seems like this thread has been slow lately. No new boots to show off? How about some broken in boots to show off? I have some shipping in about a week. I can't wait to show them off!
Thanks! I've jumped on two orders this week and already I can't wait! One pair I want to get hemmed so I can wear with dressier shoes. The other pair I intend to just double cuff and wear with boots.If bluexblack return, I won't be able to resist jumping on them too.
Will AB Fits use a red thread so you retain the same signature Gustin look?
After an item is funded, how long does it typically take to ship?
ThThey were gone before the email was even sent.
Wow...gone already. Glad I jumped in!
After seeing Gustin on my Facebook ads a lot recently, I clicked on the ad to check it out. I love the business model and I plunked down on the Zimbabwe yesterday. Just my luck the funding completed today! I'm lucky that the weight of my first pair won't be too long! I can't wait!!
Yes, looks like it.
I have not priced both ways, but I bet they will be the same. Typically a manufacturer will always sell at MSRP. They are not going to undercut their distribution channel.It is also my opinion that you will get better service from Bakers. White's is a manufacturer. They are in the business of making boots. While they will take direct orders, they really don't have a retail sales/customer service organization. Bakers on the other hand, is a retailer. Their sole...
New Posts  All Forums: