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Because they are business selling product that people want to do buy. They aren't a humanitarian non-profit.
They are back. I got a pair from the first run. The demin is quite nice. But I've only had them a few weeks and worn them 2-3 times. So no sick fadez yet. Sorry.
Link or it didn't happen. Troll.
Haha.. I think this is true.
My distressed SJs have darkened from use and from Obenauf's. I don't have enough experience with natty cxl to say if it has darkened in the same way or to the same extent.
FWIW I have distressed SJs and I chose the natural edge.
Thank you!
No hurry. Sweat dream sweetheart I got the 26ers and would love to see the comparisons.
You got both? How about some pics?
Mine are 36 straight. I wrote up a description earlier in this thread. I'll post pics later. They aren't on this computer.
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