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Here are some SJs earing their keep! Almost two years old, treated 2x a year with Obenaufs. Distressed smooth leather. With the Obenaufs and wool socks, they are perfect in the snow.
Sounds like you should get slim fit then
Nice. I have the half sole with +1 lift in mine. They are great.
My Nomads are one width narrower and I get a little bit of heel slip. I'd say they fit wider than SJs or SDs. I'd love to see some pics of your natty CXL Nomads. Which sole is on the ebay pair and which will be on your custom pair?
Sounds like you did well. Now just wear them!
Congrats on the new jeans. A soak will soften them. Wearing them will cause them to soften on their own; it will just take longer.
It will darken with time
I'm curious what this recent downward trend in QC means for rebuilds? I wouldn't trust Whites to rebuild a pair of boots right now. Can Baker do a complete rebuild in house? Or only resoles?
My opinion. Leather all day long and twice on Sundays
I actually have never understood why they call it distressed. Usually distressed means something has been artificially aged or patina'd. That's not the case with this leather.
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