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My opinion. Leather all day long and twice on Sundays
I actually have never understood why they call it distressed. Usually distressed means something has been artificially aged or patina'd. That's not the case with this leather.
Thanks! I never really thought about it, but you are right about the Cuban heal in New England. Someone once called my semi-dress "cowboy boots"!!Whites in the Whites didn't occur to me either...I love it!!
Thanks for the pics cathpah. I agree, smooth distressed is incredible! Here are mine in their element - hiking in the White Mountains, NH
I have seen others say that they read like a very dark blue, but there is no blue in it. It's because of the white weft.
Those are going to be awesome! I was really torn between those and the Black 2. For me they were too similar to my bluexblack so I went with the Black 2.I totally agree that >14oz is the way to go.
So let me get this straight... you got the old worn out boots in the bottom 2 pictures for $80. Then got them redone by Whites and received back the boots pictured above? Amazing! What did the rebuild cost?
I like the leather
I hate to say this because I am enjoying summer, but by the time a new black offer funds and ships we'll be heading into fall
I hope some black denim will be available soon. I really want some Japan black 2.
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