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I actually have never understood why they call it distressed. Usually distressed means something has been artificially aged or patina'd. That's not the case with this leather.
Thanks! I never really thought about it, but you are right about the Cuban heal in New England. Someone once called my semi-dress "cowboy boots"!!Whites in the Whites didn't occur to me either...I love it!!
Thanks for the pics cathpah. I agree, smooth distressed is incredible! Here are mine in their element - hiking in the White Mountains, NH
I have seen others say that they read like a very dark blue, but there is no blue in it. It's because of the white weft.
Those are going to be awesome! I was really torn between those and the Black 2. For me they were too similar to my bluexblack so I went with the Black 2.I totally agree that >14oz is the way to go.
So let me get this straight... you got the old worn out boots in the bottom 2 pictures for $80. Then got them redone by Whites and received back the boots pictured above? Amazing! What did the rebuild cost?
I like the leather
I hate to say this because I am enjoying summer, but by the time a new black offer funds and ships we'll be heading into fall
I hope some black denim will be available soon. I really want some Japan black 2.
No one has. The current offering is only the second run. The first run shipped earlier this month. There just hasn't been time for anyone to break a pair in.
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