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I like the leather
I hate to say this because I am enjoying summer, but by the time a new black offer funds and ships we'll be heading into fall
I hope some black denim will be available soon. I really want some Japan black 2.
No one has. The current offering is only the second run. The first run shipped earlier this month. There just hasn't been time for anyone to break a pair in.
Because they are business selling product that people want to do buy. They aren't a humanitarian non-profit.
They are back. I got a pair from the first run. The demin is quite nice. But I've only had them a few weeks and worn them 2-3 times. So no sick fadez yet. Sorry.
Link or it didn't happen. Troll.
Haha.. I think this is true.
My distressed SJs have darkened from use and from Obenauf's. I don't have enough experience with natty cxl to say if it has darkened in the same way or to the same extent.
FWIW I have distressed SJs and I chose the natural edge.
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