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Quote: I have discovered Merrill Sprint Blast Luxe type sneakers Not familiar with Merrill sneaks, but am a loyal New Balance fan myself. There's a New Balance outlet store in Lodi, NJ if anyone might be interested. Everyone wears sweats there, and so I never have to "sneak" around the store Grayson
Quote: The fact that the so-called Moderators of this forum, who supposedly founded it to get away from exactly this type of shit on the GQ Forum, permit this to continue unchecked is disgusting. Nice language, and from a man of the cloth You see, I'm not selling pricey (Some might say over-priced) suits, shirts, ties, shoes, socks, books...or underwear on the Internet. So, I can write completely objectively about my experiences and my purchases. I...
Quote: As for your suggestion regarding the telephone, been there, done that ... to no avail Duly noted with the FBI's NY office. Grayson
Did the Greek tailors at least speak with an English accent?  That might make me feel a bit better. Grayson
Quote: If you would have asked me 15 years ago if I would be comfortable in gabs and flannels in my down time, or that I would prefer chinos over jeans, I would think you off...things do change, but my sense of style, now that it is defined for me is very consistent and I am very comfortable with it. guitone, you are a GQ model in comparison to me, often wearing sweats and sneaks on the weekends.  I need the sartorial downtime then. Grayson
Quote: If I am ahead of the fashioin curve I am sure very soon it will once again pass me buy In the never-ending fashion cycle, what's old will eventually be new again, so it's better to wear what styles you're most comfortable with, literally and figuratively, and chances are you'll always look great, and everyone will notice it. Grayson
I have been in touch with the Carlo Barbera company and am the purveyor of good news for anyone desirous of blended linen that, yes, they offer such a cloth.  So enjoy.  As for me, I'll be wearing my 100% lambswool (Sorry, no blended linen for me) Carlo Barbera-cloth garments, and Mimmo Siviglia shirts (Best shirtmaker in the world), while visiting the Barbera company itself later in the Summer.  I'll send a postcard. Grayson
There's a return to the 2-button jacket with the popularity of the 3-button version wearing off, so you'll be "fashion forward" without possibly even realizing it Grayson
Who asked for info on blended linen from Barbera? As a pretty good customer, I've been able to arrange for a visit to the Carlo Barbera company this Summer and can bring back a swatch. Grayson
My suits did have the faint smell of feta cheese Grayson
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