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here's a photo of the scratch. i did my best to capture it - like i said, it's miniscule.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap I was looking at your rafs last week, I think they are gonna be too big. I could have probably filled them out a few weeks ago but I'm on a semi break from lifting weights and my body is slowly reverting back to the skinny 130lb nerd it wants to be. though, my waist does measure 33" if I'm doing it right ^^ they run like a size and a half small. i have 31s and they're kinda tight but i wear a 30 in...
i'm kinda feeling that v-neck tee with all the colorblocks on it. the neck line is intense.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokestack What NDG pieces did they have? i picked up the grey plaid workshirt, a white bd, and the shetland highneck sweater. which was the highlight of my buys though i have yet to wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap what..... do they still have 75% off ndg?! i was there probably a month ago and bought almost everything they had left in my size. buys were really good. BoO, r&b, ndg, rogues gallery. pretty small men's collection but nicely edited. when i was done there was still some ndg and r&b in L-XL, and a bunch of BoO in the same sizes. i bought the last pairs of CPs in sub-42 size, and there were no 43s. ...
carrots is such a nice store. i've stopped in a bunch of times just to talk to the woman that runs it and eat their cupcakes. they 75% off sale was epic, copped 3 pairs of CPs and a bunch of NDG. apparently no one in SF knows about this place
^ if i remember right the only springcourts they had on discount were cloth. they had the tan canvas hightops, which were actually pretty sweet, and maybe one other i can't remember right now. pm which model you were looking for + size and i'll pick it up for you if they have it.
i went to the sf american rag yesterday. there's lots of stuff on sale, but i didn't find anything i liked. a rack of vibskov, CoN, rogues gallery tees and flannels, shipley slacks, FP mainline slacks. LOTS of Nice collective, which i would have gotten if it was more my thing. very limited EG - i'm not familiar with the collection's model names but some sort of short blue jacket in a thick, oiled canvas was really nice but they didn't have my size. mostly larger sizes...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^Doubt that as patrik himself wears them untucked. can't speak to that but i'm 5'8 and the taper looks real awkward if i leave them untucked, but they're real streamlined if i tuck them in. maybe if i was taller...
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