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price drop on the derbies - $120 shipped.
price drop on the derbies - $130 shipped in the lower 48.
ALL SOLD - mods please delete.
i feel that this is all very appropriate for the vineyard, though....
said it on sufu and i'll say it here, as well. i sold this clown those shelltoes for $130. recently. he is a nefarious prick, and one should avoid doing business with him at all costs.
CPs sold. more price drops.
price drops. also, still accepting offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pushkin Measurements on the pendleton? Very interested, thanks. the Pendleton measures 20" across the shoulders, 23.5" across the chest and 32" in length. Quote: Originally Posted by CiscoUsername Is the Pendleton larger than other Pendleton shirts? i can't speak to that - this is the only Pendleton i've ever owned and it's far too large. see measurements above. updated...
i'm trying to cut down on similar products in my wardrobe, which means a lot of this stuff needs to go. all barely worn (because, as stated, i have versions that are basically the same that i wear more). i'm at work, so detailed measurements won't be immediately available but i'll do my best to get them tonight, and, in the meantime, try to give descriptions of how things fit. offers and trades of things in a similar aesthetic will be considered. shipping the CONUS...
i have a bunch of duluth packs that i use for canoeing and kayaking. two of them - the big, single-flap food packs - are over 50 years old (i got them from my grandfather), and are still in flawless condition. i should clarify - they have aged wonderfully and still function perfectly. they're tough as hell, too - those two food bags have made 8 trips up into the quetico with me and have been through some terrible weather, canoe tips, a brief encounter with a black bear,...
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