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price drop. any interest?
more stuff sold, more price drops.
stuff that sold shipped out today. some sales have fallen through - things back up for sale, etc. price drops all around. added BoO shirt at a great price!
bunch of stuff sold, some other stuff pending, price drops on things. a note to buyers - there's a lot of stuff here, so please mark your payments with EXACTLY what you're purchasing to avoid confusion on all ends!
y'all. i'm moving at the end of october which means it's time to pare down the amount of stuff i need to take with me. if you need more specific measurements for anything below, just ask. reasonable offers will be considered, as will discounts for more than one item. prices include shipping. meetups in san francisco are possible for a discount. ok let's do this. ALL SOLD
eh? anyone?
just like the title says. looking for black CPs, preferably court lows or tournament lows, though i'm open to others. shoot me a pm if you have a pair you'd be willing to unload.
price drop on the derbies - $100
price drop - $110 for the derbies.
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