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price drops — want this stuff gone so shoot me some offers
new stuff added!
i have too much stuff, which means it's time to sell some. i like all of this, but i never wear any of it for various reasons. logistics: shipping in CONUS included and i'd prefer not to ship overseas but will if you agree to cover the extra shipping costs. i accept funds through paypal only, and NOT as a gift payment (so add 4% when you send money). prices are not fixed, so make some offers. the worst i'll do is say no. not interested in trades at this time. onto the...
since there seem to be so many blue suede low owners in this thread, if anyone has them in a 41 or 42 and wants to part with 'em — get at me.
anybody? i'd love to track down the three hole slips from back in the day, too, but i'm sure i won't be able to.
anyone got a pair? especially interested in court shoes.
price drops.
price drops.
most sold, but the two nicest pairs of pants are still here. so - price drops; send offers my way, y'all.
price drop. really nice frames that nobody has. get on that individualistic tip.
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