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what's the deal with ordering from caliroots to the US? sf approved?
i got an iPhone 4 over the weekend and am looking to get rid of my 3GS. it's not unlocked but you could easily do so (it's set up for AT&T right now). it works great "” absolutely no software/hardware issues. there's some minor cosmetic wear, though the screen is in pretty great condition. i can get you pictures if you're interested. i don't have the box or headphones, but it'll ship with its original charging brick and usb cord. not really sure what the market is...
since it looks like other people have tried this successfully here — i've got two pairs of CPs i'm trying to get rid of before i move. a pair of light grey captoes in sz. 42 and one pair of brown leather training boots (the original style) in size 41. if anyone here wants 'em shoot me a pm — i'm willing to let them go pretty cheaply given that their both pretty new.
price drops — make offers!
price drops on all three pairs of shoes.
price drops on both pairs of CPs. dior pics coming tonight. entertaining offers on everything!
closing thread - mods, you can delete.
i have 225 in j.crew credit. not sure what the going rate is on it, but i'll take $200. if that sounds unreasonable, feel free to PM me with what you're willing to pay.
sunday price drops
more price drops
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