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Quote: Originally Posted by Tooch4321 they carry them, they actually had at least 30 different pairs in stock... what optometrist do you use? in the chicago area i assume
Quote: Originally Posted by wing8tes_qw ayer: sweater worn mostly unbuttoned USS Ronald Reagan what are the pants? i'm trying to force spring with some spring pants
I'm looking for a new suit to help me get my first real job since i'll be graduating soonish. i'd prefer a two-button or three-roll-two front and double vents on the jacket, but i'd take single vent as well, and preferably it will be a slim fit. as for the pants, i'd like them to be flat-front, but again i'm flexible. they'll need to be adjustable to a 30-31 inch waist and a 31-32 inch inseam. would prefer new, but used and in good shape is obviously ok, too. If...
bump, offers please
lets have some offers
pics are up measurements are 16.0-16.5 (stretch) x 32 for the SFAM 16.25-16.5 x 34 for the R&R R&R SFAM someone get one these they're in perfect condition
both very gently used (less than 10 times a piece), just not really my style nor my size. $100 shipped for either. If you're interested, send a pm and i'll send the pictures. totally authentic, obviously. feel free to make offers as well
do you have fit pics of the trench and measurements?
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