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my brother has a pair of vaz rajan silicon treated reverse horse back zip boots. I must say that they are well made. substantial leather and good hardware. the sole are also very well made. after handling them myself, I can say that they are on par with guidi's standard. I may be wrong, but i think most vaz rajan boots has the double leather sole. and also great price for them from Antonioli. I really want the pair of derbies on Antonioli, but I have the DD creepers...
check out SZ's classified. There are sometimes pretty good deals on used boots. Though they are used, they usually come vibramed, so the boots are pretty much is good condition. However, good deals don't last long there, so you have to be vigilant. Otherwise, the other places I usually go to is Yahoo JP. Alternatively, Lostnfound is a place that you can check out too. They offer good deals on boots now and then. There is a MA+ staple boot on there right now, which is...
988 back zips are the best!
A couple of grails. MMM 5-zips from 05AW. /|\ CDGH+. Thanks Catfood. and Damir Doma Creepers shoes.
I think they don't look pleasant simply because the leather is soft, so it's floppy and all. But when worn, Guidis will look really good. Though they do not have the shape that Augustas, Carpes and CCP have, I prefer Guidi because of their toe shape, and the soft leather they use make them much easier to break in as compared to the others.
true to size, from what I heard over as SZ.
I think it depends. if you prefer a snugger, tighter fit, you could probably go with 44. if not 45 would be best for you. So it depends on how you like your shoes to fit.
oh yea. I totally forgot about carpe, and I even own one pair of carpe derbies.
everytime I see Uncontrol post on the TOJ thread, I'm secretly wishing there are new pictures of your Anaconda DR.
for Guidi, size up. I'm a true 41, but wear a 42 in Guidi. Guidi quality is good, great in fact. Many other companies use Guidi leather for their products. KKA, Backlash, Individual Sentiments, Layer-0 etc. Just to name a few.
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