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not complaining or anything, I love the daypack, but just thought that it was an issue worth raising. If there was another run of the daypack, would definitely purchase it as a thrasher pack. leather/camo goretex combo would be freaking awesome.
daypack needs to have stronger straps. maybe a cordura/leather combo for the straps to enable heavier load bearing. Was always afraid of overloading my older suede toj daypack, since it already snapped once.
@magic: I love the shape of augustas and ccp derbies, but realized I can never pull off. great that you worked something out with the augustas! @sinnedk: here are some pics. don't know if they are what you are looking for since they are vibrammed already. hope it helps. the boot itself, pardon the laundry, I tried to get good sunlight for the photos. the stitching is hidden. and it looks like it is a single leather sole at the back and mid of the shoe, which extends...
yo magic, how's those augustas treating you? my Guidis are getting worn most of the time. I find myself reaching for them more than any other boots.
yea, the soles are double leather. maybe I could take some pics for you before you decide. I'll have the pics by tomorrow.
I think you would have nothing to worry about Vaz. Don't know about shoto, but having handled Vaz myself, and my brother's CCP boots, I can say that both are very well made. Vaz has the cleaner look, and the sole is definitely much thicker than all the Guidis I own. Just add a Vibram sole, and these boots could probably last longer than you. I'm really tempted to get the derbies too, but I'm not sure if 40 would first me at all. If I were you, and I wanted a clean looking...
i think you should get them at the price that they are now. Vaz is surely better quality than shoto, no doubt.
then you should probably wait for the grail to come. it will be worth the wait. what size are you and what brands are you looking for in particular? will keep an eye out for you when I go on my occasional good deals search.
those Vaz's on Antonioli, looks great, and will hold up damn well, judging from feeling the quality of his shoes IRL. I'm a 41, and I could probably squeeze into a 40 if I wanted my shoes to fit snug. Great prices. but not enough dough.
can't really find a good stock pic. but here's the rough idea. not everyone's cup of tea though. edit: DD = Damir Doma.
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