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Day 2 in HK. will upload more waywt from my holiday soon. h&m.qlo.julius.rick.julius.
just keep them, and dye them black. They will then have a wonderful grayish undertone as you use them. Glad that you got the sizing right.
Lad qlo jeans cps
correct me if I'm wrong, sizing should go like this. 1 = 40-41, 2 = 42-43 and so on.
with a camo bukkake lining. if that is the case, pm me the price and I'll pay immediately.
not complaining or anything, I love the daypack, but just thought that it was an issue worth raising. If there was another run of the daypack, would definitely purchase it as a thrasher pack. leather/camo goretex combo would be freaking awesome.
daypack needs to have stronger straps. maybe a cordura/leather combo for the straps to enable heavier load bearing. Was always afraid of overloading my older suede toj daypack, since it already snapped once.
@magic: I love the shape of augustas and ccp derbies, but realized I can never pull off. great that you worked something out with the augustas! @sinnedk: here are some pics. don't know if they are what you are looking for since they are vibrammed already. hope it helps. the boot itself, pardon the laundry, I tried to get good sunlight for the photos. the stitching is hidden. and it looks like it is a single leather sole at the back and mid of the shoe, which extends...
yo magic, how's those augustas treating you? my Guidis are getting worn most of the time. I find myself reaching for them more than any other boots.
yea, the soles are double leather. maybe I could take some pics for you before you decide. I'll have the pics by tomorrow.
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