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hey eck, how does MA+ sizing go? Im a 42 in Guidis, will a 42 in MA+ be too big?
i'm a size 40/41. Had a 7, but thinking that I could have sized down to a 6.
Did they have Augusta Derbies? looking for Augusta or MA+ derbies man.
ann d.
I bought it for that reason too, but damn sometimes it comes out way too strong, almost like fit ever, hate the random ass metal in my ass too, when I lay on the ground it hurts. [/quote]Got a pair of over dyed painter's canvas jeans in black from zamb from his earliest collection. Jeans is tough as hell when I got it, had to soak and wear it twice for it to finally get comfortable plus about 2 weeks of wear. Now they have softened out a lot and become very...
After much deliberation, I have finally decided to put these up for sale. This have been a personal grail for me for a very long time now, but I just can't fit them into my current wardrobe. This is from the 05AW collection, where they still use heavy-duty MRS zippers. Leather is thick smooth black calf. I haven't worn them at all since I bought them off YJP. Measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 44cm Pit to pit: 48cm Front length: 60cm
yea, I was in HK during New Year week. short holiday with my family.
VA.qlo.DD.Rick._7.Click for Gf's waywt [[SPOILER]]
Juun j.
Julius Mid-summer 08 moto fencing leather
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