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oops. double post.
hot weather waywt. qlo.bag.rick.nb.
when's the suede T-1 going to drop? That's gonna be my next toj purchase.
Thanks man. they give me like 1.5 inch of extra height. quite badass imo.
Juunj.qlo.qlo.DD. Better pics of the juun blazer for those who asked.
crazzzzzzy piece. free bump!
will get some pics up as soon as there is sunlight. currently night here. Pics don't do the jacket justice.
Quick waywt before going out. Juunj.qlo.devoa. trying to make those shoes work. experimenting.
damn. saw a good deal for a MA+ derbies. but size 42. meh. any ideas where to get MA+ or Augusta in my size, but for slightly lower than retail?
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