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Jun's line is making an appearance on Singapore's Men Fashion Festival on the 20th. Can't make it for the show due to other commitments though. so bumped.
could pick up the guidi hiking from LN-CC.looks similar.
Pics of some footwear that I wear regularly.Carpe S45 - horween cordovan [[SPOILER]] Guidi 988 - full grain horse [[SPOILER]] Guidi 212 - reverse horse [[SPOILER]]
those heels look fine to me. donkey leather is great.
actually, the sizing is largely dependent on your comfort level with shoes. I have a the 995(just nice) and 988(a little roomy) in size 42, and both fit comfortably for my size 40-41 feet. I also have a pair of guidi lace up boots in size 41 which are snug but not to the point of discomfort.(can't remember the model number) my foot is about 26-26.5 btw.
I'm not sure about the exact specifications, but they are thicker than my guidi 992 and 988. they are in great condition considering i got them for a little over 4 bills.
S40 with double sole.Destroyed horse goodness after the spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
got the guidi 992 in donkey and 998 in full grain horse. the donkey is slightly stiffer and does not have the grainy touch to it, while the horse just molds to your feet.
Know what you mean about the leather. got these a few months back, the leather is just amazing. I'm not that tall, so this height is good enough for me.
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