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rainy day.
i think it's just best to find the brands that suit every individual aesthetically. just wear our boots and look good. who cares about how labels are ripping off each other.
cross post from waywt thread. Original Toj0.
Original Toj0.
get the 988S. 788 looks too much like heels IMO.
Jun's line is making an appearance on Singapore's Men Fashion Festival on the 20th. Can't make it for the show due to other commitments though. so bumped.
could pick up the guidi hiking from LN-CC.looks similar.
Pics of some footwear that I wear regularly.Carpe S45 - horween cordovan [[SPOILER]] Guidi 988 - full grain horse [[SPOILER]] Guidi 212 - reverse horse [[SPOILER]]
those heels look fine to me. donkey leather is great.
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