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Lane - Those Rick Owens sneakers are dope.
Size 41 isn't in stock at Lazzari. Looks like it has the best price there.
thought someone might be interested in these. http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=272583 White Augustas lace boots. Size 44
still contemplating between the 1.5 and 2.0. But probably would go for the 2.0. The leather looks nicer on those.
awesome. Just shot them an email to see if they have sizes in stock.
love those Layer-0 2.0 boots. Do Sartorialoft do internet purchases? Thinking of buying those Layer-0s from them.
just some suede protectant spray and you'll be good to go.
the diagonal stitch shoes are at the top of my grail list man. the construction and shape of those just look fantastic. wouldn't mind dropping 3K on them if I had the dough.
thumbs up on them eck. how's the sizing? do they fit?
New Posts  All Forums: