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can't wait for mine to arrive... so many nice pictures on the instagram page.
I only wish those are mine! but they are not, unfortunately. I ordered a pair of derbies and longwings. Judging by the turnover time, I should only get mine in May.... But those do look sweet. Future purchase?
looks great!
just hoping my captoe medallions turn out well. Never seen junkard made one of those before. But they seem really confident about making them.
that's a bummer... hope the quality of the shoes does not drop if we have to wait longer for it then. would be good to see more review of their shoes!
any updates with the evolution of how their shoes are coming along? recently ordered a whiskey shell cap toe brogue and a navy shell long wing. excited to see them!
sexy pose LOL
eager to see.
Any idea what's the price range for a custom order guidi 992 from pnp? Been dreaming about a pair of dirty white derbies for a while now.
cotton cotton silk-blend canvas goat leather
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