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New G&G Bespoke BALMORAL OXFORD Arrival
This shoes are RedWood/Acorn. Early 90's Poulsen Skone made by E.G
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Are there any photos or links to photos of high end saddle shoes on SF? Yes, I am saddlers...
New Japanese Shoemaker "SAION" by Naoto Yokoyama. Web site Introduction article Bespoke: about 380.000Yen Pattern made : HalfHand:about 150,000Yen, FullHand:about 180,000Yen featuring Eric Cook! (his interview ,Shoe detail and many Pics!)
Quote: Originally Posted by centipede similar style is seen as follows. BALINT [/url] Sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by well-kept It's not meant as criticism. I admire and appreciate your website. That particular pair of G&G are uncharacteristically overdesigned, to my eye and, I'll bet, to others as well. But please keep them coming. Thank's well-kept. It is certainly loud. However, the design is classic. (c) Broughe Oxford by Manfield...
Quote: Originally Posted by well-kept Less is more? Form follows function? Anyone? sorry, I will not post updated information. in the future.
The seamless wholecuts doesn't especially require the specialized technique. when requesting it to Ugolini, he said, "It is troublesome and possible." Actually, it was splendidly completed. In addition, it was also in Peron & Peron's ready-made shoes. It is possible to make it also for a Japanese craftsman. Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Gimme a break. We all know that shoe...
New G&G Bespoke Arrival
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