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Thanks for the links, appreciate it, though those are still pretty expensive.
Hey all, recently ive found the glorious world of fashion, and as such Im slowly but surely upgrading all my clothing. One thing Im having a terrible time finding is a decent pair of shoes. Im still at university, so im trying to find a pair that will serve me in a variety of situations, from daily wear to the pub. However, I like my clothing to have a bit of punk edge to it. Normally I would just buy Chuck Taylores, but honestly it seems like so many people are still...
Ugh, well heres my predicament. I love this burberry trench...however it costs about 1300 Canadian. Now.... I CAN afford it, however, I'm a student and it would be great if I could wait a little while and it'd be cheaper. However,..I am nervous it may be removed from circulation if I wait too long.
Im talking about from their site, as I live in the middle of nowhere, and access to a decent store is difficult. Ive been eying one particular trench, but its just out of my price range. Alot of others have gone on sale, but not this one. Im wondering what happens when the 09-10 fall line is released,... do they stop selling this years? Or will they then cut down the cost? Im willing to wait to the end of summer for a sale. Cheers; ears
Though its cheaper, Id go for a very nice cashmere scarf. Preferably solid black, or a dark navy. Stay away from the burberry check scarf though.
Dont you know bananas are soo over done these days? The real fashion afficinados use a fresh carrot, preferably with an overly long top
Im usually not a brand person at all.... I refuse to buy any items which prominatly display their logo (even etro shirts with the little logo annoy me greatly.) However, with such a big investment for myself, I cant help but only look at Burberry. Everything from their ability to last to their customer support seems positive. I mean, they invented the trench, they must know what they're doing hahah
Hi all, Im looking to make one of the biggest fashion investments of my life; a trench coat. All I know for a fact is that I really want to get a burberry. So far ive narrowed it down to several options. [] This i the less expensive of the 2 options. I have a slim athletic body, without strong shoulders, and im not that tall. So i thought this shorter slim fit one would...
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