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I think I have a naturally narrow frame, and I weight lift. I'm 170 lbs, around 10% body fat, I'll drop to the low 160s for summer. I'm not overly bulky, but I do carry some mass.
Almost a perfect fit. Closest I can get without MTM. It's hard to fit a wide chest, steep drop, and narrow shoulders.
15 is body measurements. 17 is shirt, and it's not perfect.
5'11170lbs.My shirts are usually the W+H in medium, they have 17 inch shoulders, and just fit.
Hi, do these measurements make sense? I know I have narrow shoulders, but does this sound like I did it correctly? Shoulders:15 Chest 39.5 hip 31.5 mid 30 front 22 armlength 22 bicep 14
This may seem silly, so feel free to say so. I'm starting out at a small company in Vancouver, and I need to buy a few suits. It's a mix of casual/dress setting, where some will wear suits, some wear jackets and jeans, and others are in khakis and t-shirts. I was wondering, if I buy 2 suits of the same type (like 2 BB Fitzgerald, or 2 TaT's with the same cut), but one in gray, and the other in navy.... can I mix the jacket with the pants? I'm always seeing people...
There seems to be a true lack of people from the U.K. on this forum. Is this forum truly North America dominant, or what?
I'd love the opportunity to choose, which is why I'm getting one. (A definite skill-set, employment within any city, etc). But I do prefer Europe, though a couple major US cities are something I wouldn't pass up either.
This site seems knowledgeable when it comes to MBA's and business school, and I was just wondering if people have any thoughts on LBS? I'll be applying to MBA programs in about a years time, and im still weighing my options. I have a good shot at top 5 US schools, but LBS interests me as well. I know it's ranked highly on the international scale, but I don't see any direct comparisons. is it help in high esteem? Or is it just good for certain career paths, or what? (I.e:...
Hi everyone. Ive reached an impasse in life. Im currently upgrading my wardrobe/life, wearing a tie to school ( university) several days a week, occasional dress pants and nice shoes etc. However, I dont want to look like the stereotypical rich boy prep. Im proud of my past of growing up under much different circumstances, and Id like to keep some of my older more masculine look. However, Im not sure how to do this. Other than simply wearing a black leather or denim...
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