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Fit is tts, slim throughout and will stretch slightly at waist. Substantial fabric, details and construction are good. Very good value on sale.
Prices include USPS Priority shipping within CONUS. Paypal add 4% or send as gift. WWM Trail ParkaOur Legacy Bombed Sweat - SOLDErvell WindbreakerW+H flannel - SOLDNaked & Famous denim - soldGitman Vintage Plaid Short Sleeve - SOLD45rpm cropped peacoat - sold_______________________________________________________________Woolrich Woolen Mills SS09 Trail Parka Glen Plaid - $240>>228>216>205>195SmallExcellent condition. Perfect SS lightweight jacket.Measurements:Raglan...
Yes forgot about Winn Perry, Jordan is a stand up dude. Also, don't get me wrong I like Stumptown and all but instead hit up Coava, Barista and Water Avenue.
teger's SNS herning in b&s insanely cheap...
somebody scoop!!
Just a few of my recent pickups... [[SPOILER]] Most all beers go well with pizza, though I like Belgians in particular.
Blake, breweries and coffee shops
My Canadian buddy loves his La Fin. Just had Firestone Walker Double Jack on tap, good shit. My B&M should be getting a small allocation of Founders Imperial Stout soon, cant wait.
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