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see my sale thread in sig. Naked and Famous dirty cheap will fit 30-32" waist depending on how you wear it.
new stuff
don't have to be a baller.. some good shit actually makes it to the sales.
These static jersey tees from a few seasons ago were good and so were the old ones with shoulder darts.
^^Yes, all of the above. This in particular was dry hopped in cask which really balanced the over-maltyness of the roasted barley or malt, or whatever that I had from the same beer out of a regular keg. Definitely preferred the cask over the keg on this one. I tend to like my stouts out of a snifter and warmed by hand so this was right up my alley.
Speaking of stouts... local bar had a tapping release party with local brewer. Beach Brewing Co. Sea Devil Imperial Stout 3 x dry hopped in cask! f'ing delicious.
Added items
both these companies have their own respective threads. this thread should be deleted, dammit. p.s. go pack
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