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Non irons are good for traveling. IMO regular cotton is more comfortable and has better breathability.
Brigade mentioned something about getting some knits in soon, they can also special order anything.
Price Drops
Dude needs to quit trolling this thread
Best to get measurements first. For shirts you can stay TTS but sometimes size varies slightly depending on material. Outerwear is TTS and I sized down on the Great Sweat.
Heel stamp from Ry'on's sale thread. Quote: Originally Posted by Ry'on SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 6. yes i do, horween. : Not all leathers are sourced from Horween.
Isn't this place owned by Ashton Cootcher? Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro I'm going to Ketchup on Sunset with a friend in a few hours, my first time since high school where the restaurant enforced a dress code. And it's supposed to be a hamburger diner.
Price drops!
Alden Unlined Tan Suede Chukka, Size 7 1/2D - MORE PHOTOS TO COME - Worn 3 times -Excellent Condition **SOLD**
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