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I don't want to deprive you of your martyr complex, but I think the huge square toe, awkward side stitching and cheap perforated leather are all elements generally deemed beyond redemption both individually or in combination.It's not perfectly fine. It's not OK.
Two great tastes that taste great together right there. Well done.
I think I'm getting the white pinpoint oxford too. I have the G&R navy mini gingham that's also part of the sale, and it's just about the nicest shirt fabric ever.
In your price range I'd look at Floto.
I'm interested in this too, not so much for the swatches but for larger and scale-referenced photography. For instance, at the moment I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of making a coat out of this beautiful stuff: It isn't cheap, so I really need to Photoshop a mock-up of it before deciding to order. For that I'd need a photo that repeats the pattern several times in each direction and includes a ruler or some other indicator of scale. Does H&S make that kind of...
I like the ones you found on Ebay, but if this is a 3-button blazer then you'd want a spare front button.
We're talking about a difference of maybe 1/4" here.
His site is on Shopify. They sometimes have maintenance outages. It happens.
This looks great, and the timing is impeccable as I'm about to order some black wool flannel winter trousers.
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