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Respectfully, it's not the "rule breaking". It's the wearing a dress as a shirt, it's the detachable fur collar, it's the purple henley tee under a 3-piece suit, and it's the having the perpetually mugging Most Punchable Face on the Internet.
There's your problem right there...
You have no idea. That storm happened 15 years ago, but the idea of a major Canadian city being unable to deal with snow is such a major disgrace that they will probably never live it down. Toronto-haters from BC to PEI will be telling their children about that for generations.
I was hoping that came across as more teasing than harsh, but yes, the reputation is one of a sort of entitled pretense: believing their city and media are the center of the universe, making the Canadian Army come in and plow their driveways for them, acting like their hockey team is great even though all the footage of their last Cup win is in black and white, etc.
It's remarkable how often the stereotypes about people from Toronto are vindicated.
Good catch, man. The gunclub blazer in particular looks awesome.Some of this stuff was clearly intended for fall. As always, I wonder what's going on over there.
It's a great suit for a job interview in almost any industry.
Seconded on this request, particularly for the dimensions.
Wait a minute, is that a child's chair, or do you have Brobdingnagian feet?
I don't want to deprive you of your martyr complex, but I think the huge square toe, awkward side stitching and cheap perforated leather are all elements generally deemed beyond redemption both individually or in combination.It's not perfectly fine. It's not OK.
New Posts  All Forums: