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I got my custom blazer 27 days after I ordered it.
Absolutely a thing. But you want to launder the polo the way you're going to launder it at least a couple of times first. These things can shrink. A too-short polo is unwearable.
Yeah, I'm starting to think there must have been a sizing change somewhere along the line because my experience has been similar. I have a 39.5" chest and after a few months of push-ups my size Large KW polo is frankly too tight to wear comfortably anymore.
Why don't you measure one of your polos?
Having trouble following your point here. The man was looking for things that will work with the suede shoes he selected. You're saying he shouldn't wear a more casual suit because you think not enough other people are wearing casual suits?
You've been shopping (and maybe living) in the wrong place, man. Corduroy, cotton and wool flannel suits are even available from such mainstream sources as LL Bean and Lands' End and J. Crew. Have been for years.
I don't know about that. How about a cotton or corduroy suit? Or some kind of rough textured tweed or wool flannel?
No way. A large or maybe even an extra large.
Yes, anything that could be perceived as trying to visually upstage the bride or groom is frowned upon. Yellow pants fall into that category.
You don't have to listen to me, because I never wear a tie. Someone more knowledgeable than I should step in here. But my personal take is that one looks like it's the one tie belonging to an IT guy and he bought it at Sears.
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