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Those great-looking shawl collars inspire some really interesting ideas, and I love seeing the workshop in these photos.
I'll cover that for you. I ordered one immediately and will photograph it on arrival.
High-end, luxurious polos.You guys are out of control, and I mean that in a good way.
I don't really see the appeal of polyester pocket squares.
If it's any consolation, that would have been a rather casual vest colour for a wedding. Personally I think you're better off without it.
Yeah, but you see, if you have a limited income that makes it all the wiser to buy coats that work with the clothes you already have. And to not do things like buy a dinner jacket that is almost never wearable and then have pants made to match it.
Respectfully, man, that explanation only makes mimo's question more relevant.
I have a complicated relationship with this forum and I suspect that sometimes Luxire does as well.
I feel like we're being trolled.
Kira, where are you finding all of these crazy things? Do you live near a vintage double-breasted coat conservation habitat?
New Posts  All Forums: