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Define "like this". Low rise with skinny legs? That's just a matter of providing the appropriate measurements. Would be no problem for Luxire.
@AlexRamius, this would be a solid contender if entered in the Friday Challenge.
^ This guy right here...
Thank you kindly, sir. I can totally see your point about the pocket square. By my standards it's actually pretty tame and I am at the conservative end of the African diaspora aesthetic around here. Here's a friend of mine in his shop in Central Harlem:I can recall four times in the last 25 years that I've worn a tie:Immigration courtA funeralA rather stuffy weddingAnother funeralSo I do actually own one but I think it might be characterized around here as "just barely...
Lurk moar.
Yeah, I mean... Corneliani. I don't know what hacking means in this context, but I guess the Italians take their hacking very seriously.
Lunch al fresco on a sunny but cool Sunday. Would have maybe worked for the Friday Challenge but my first choice was a little less casual and a little more city. Alpaca sport coat: Polo RL (Corneliani) Shirt: Luxire Trousers: Suitsupply Shoes: Allen Edmonds Pocket square: The Tie Bar Wristwatch: Omega Wrist beads: homemade
That's a hell of a first post. Looking great. Welcome!
That's it exactly, in my opinion.That said I'm not a fan of monkstraps in general -- kind of the quintessential "dressed by #menswear" shoe -- but I do share your appreciation for suede. Would probably go with nicer suede chukkas or loafers there.
Jacket: Brooks Brothers Shirt: Luxire Trousers: Suitsupply Shoes: Meermin Mallorca Pocket square and wrist beads: Homemade Wristwatch: Omega
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