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I only button the middle one.I also don't buy coats from J.Crew.
Heh, exactly that happened to me too. "Lost in translation." Don't be so hasty to send it back, though. I was always a collar stay guy but I've come to find I rarely actually need them. (But I don't wear ties; if you do, then maybe they're necessary.)
Diplomatically put. Cheers.
Exactly correct: They are not essential. They are not something you should look to wear as a go-to shoe.This is a shoe style that pretty much defines the phrase "dressed by the Internet" in that it hardly exists outside the echo chamber of the #menswear blogosphere. Over the years I must have literally seen thousands of pictures of monkstraps worn by bloggers in their backyards, bloggers in their living rooms, bloggers standing in front of their bedroom mirrors, and posed...
Amen.Unless you literally work inside the Internet, in which case carry on.
Based on your description the more square, structured frames will work best for you. So 5313 or maybe 5320 (I actually know these all too well, I have several pairs of TF glasses). I'm not keen on non-neutral colours like blue as they can be hard to wear, and if your hair is light you might go with the darker browns or black. I'm wearing 5253s right now, which are a little more substantial than the ones you list but you might wish to consider them for the shape.
There Can Be Only One:
That also applies to quoting 13 full-sized photos to add a one-line comment.
I'll see your super laziness and say that I'm super lazy and NEVER iron anything. What you need is a steamer and a trouser press, son. It takes about one minute to wave the steamer over the wrinkles, then you drop it in the press and let it do its thing.
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