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Lurk moar.
Yeah, I mean... Corneliani. I don't know what hacking means in this context, but I guess the Italians take their hacking very seriously.
Lunch al fresco on a sunny but cool Sunday. Would have maybe worked for the Friday Challenge but my first choice was a little less casual and a little more city. Alpaca sport coat: Polo RL (Corneliani) Shirt: Luxire Trousers: Suitsupply Shoes: Allen Edmonds Pocket square: The Tie Bar Wristwatch: Omega Wrist beads: homemade
That's a hell of a first post. Looking great. Welcome!
That's it exactly, in my opinion.That said I'm not a fan of monkstraps in general -- kind of the quintessential "dressed by #menswear" shoe -- but I do share your appreciation for suede. Would probably go with nicer suede chukkas or loafers there.
Jacket: Brooks Brothers Shirt: Luxire Trousers: Suitsupply Shoes: Meermin Mallorca Pocket square and wrist beads: Homemade Wristwatch: Omega
We aren't doing requests. The bench and body language just cried out for Sad Keanu Reeves.
Man, that sounds awesome. In my line of business (cultural non-profits in Upper Manhattan) if you did a Friday presentation in a seersucker blazer you would totally own the room. I think you should go for it and let the voters decide.Try to view this as a challenge, or an opportunity to broaden your perceptions beyond your own industry / culture / etc. You'd be surprised how much business is conducted in the arts sector, or on casual Fridays, or in the entire republic of...
The pants are fine. The suede double monks make Baby Jesus cry.
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