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That's my go-to white shirt fabric. I got a barrel cuff shirt in it and I liked it so much I got the same shirt with a French cuff.Nope.
Fan. Tastic.
It's like repeatedly pushing the elevator button: it might not work, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something.
What would you say are the defining characteristics that put the hoodies into the $190 premium range?
Thanks for the heads-up. Order placed.
I kinda need to have that square as well.
Likewise. Seems to work out.
Well, there goes the rest of my summer clothes budget.
Great idea; I'd love to hear other peoples' projects as well. Luxire is presently making me a shirt out of this stuff, "Khaki Red Tattersall Linen":And they're making me some white twill trousers to wear with it.
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