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I have a complicated relationship with this forum and I suspect that sometimes Luxire does as well.
I feel like we're being trolled.
Kira, where are you finding all of these crazy things? Do you live near a vintage double-breasted coat conservation habitat?
I'm not sure what CU means, but tweedy patterns with flecks of colour always look great and are never dated.What IS a little dated is the shape of that lapel in general and the low, large notch in particular. Should that stop you from wearing it? Heck no. Enjoy it and rock on.
Or you could just give it back to Don Cherry.
BOOM HEADSHOTIt looks to me like he's interrupting his Sugar Plum Fairy Dance to try and figure out what he stepped in.
I'm going to second this. The LE Tailored Fit Year'rounders are a pleasant surprise, affordable and a trim but comfortable fit.
This is great. I was going to suggest exactly that for my next shirt order and I'm glad to hear it's working out as I'd hoped.
Surely you didn't mean to categorically state that Cliftons shouldn't be worn with suits.
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