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I own a similar Varvatos bag, essentially the same materials and construction but a slightly different shape. It's nice, but honestly more comparable in quality and style to bags in the $600 range. I absolutely wouldn't pay $1400 for it.
I shave using a straight razor that belonged to my grandfather. It probably dates to the 1940s. I also sometimes wear a WWII-vintage garrison cap that was part of his uniform.
Hey, thanks. I am a designer, but not an interior designer, so this was a fun challenge for me. Sweaters are up on the top shelf, and other knits are folded up in the drawers. One of the drawers also has an organizer for belts, pocket squares, accessories, and my one (1) necktie.
OK, let's try this out... I went with an affordable IKEA system. The shelves are hollow core, but they have a pretty good lacquer finish (no foil) and the metal hardware is really solid.
Quote: Originally Posted by larlev Montrachet, thank you for the definitive word on the proper usage of a black suit. The suit cost me all of $85.00, which apparently is $2-5k less than you're looking to spend on a pocket watch. Seriously. See if you can spot the guy who has never been to a New York party.
I all seriousness, the ones I keep coming back to are tees I bought at Old Navy for $7.50. They have a slim fit, they're thick and soft, and they keep their shape. I also have some Gap v-necks and they are teh suck.
This site makes me proud to be a small-timer.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnation33 $850 MTM Mr. Ned Suit (boxyish cut) I really wish people wouldn't generalize like this, because these sorts of assumptions can really damage the business of a small shop that makes good suits in the USA. Vahram will do whatever style you want. I have a Mr. Ned suit that (at my request) cuts so close to the body that I can't put my sunglasses in the chest pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi Ah, here's a photo. I like everything about it except the colour. It'd be nice if it was a little darker and more saturated. Tan tends to look washed out.
Quote: Originally Posted by coltboy75 www.moderntailor.com has an assortment of no iron fabrics. I have one of them. It's nice. For photos see the white and grey striped shirt in my review. It bears repeating that my first ModernTailor shirt was off by a mile, but subsequent orders have been perfect.
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