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Everything you picked goes together well, and there's nothing wrong with black, but that particular coat is terrible.
Those particular shades of navy and indigo really don't look good together, man. It's not the volume, it's the mismatch.
Alligator is so 2011, man. Dolphin leather is the new hotness. Mammals my ass.
Another user here accused him of being a shill and harassed him to the point where he apparently decided it wasn't worth the headache.
In a word, yes. If it has side seams, anyway. My tailor does this for me routinely.
If it fit me, I would totally rock it (as a two-piece). No guts, no glory.
With some medium brown boots, this would totally rock. I appreciate where you were going with the blue boots, blue socks, blue trousers, blue coat, blue sweater and blue patterned shirt, but enough's enough, man.
Yeesh. That's some serious SW&D right there. On the other hand, those kids argue over whether 6" with elastic is going to be tight enough.
That's quite a find, man. And good sizes available in most colours.Refresh my memory: is it Incotex or Mabitex that taper to a really small leg opening? Anybody have an actual measurement?
I like LL Bean Signature's for $125.
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