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Well that IS the problem with windowpane: it's so...windowpaney.
Sorry, man, the only cure is to get a new sport coat.
He's gotta be messing with us, Sanguis. Otherwise, I mean... what the actual f**k?
That's sufficiently specific that you probably won't get an answer here. Why not call or email Penfield?
Cheap bastard here checking in to help my Canuck homey. Setting aside my personal feelings towards Torontonians because, hey, it's Christmas.People way overthink socks around here. I get most of mine from Uniqlo and Topman. The latter ships to Canada and will sell you 5 pairs for $24 (US).Don't do it, man.Cotton pocket squares with hand-rolled edges can be had for $8 (US) at The Tie Bar. For a similar price they also sell silk squares, but those have machined edges and I'm...
Thank God the block list still works around here, anyway.
He was being kind.
Nothing personal, man, but anyone who starts off a sentence like that can go eat a bowl of dicks.
Go large for sure. I'm about your size and the L is nice and fitted on me.
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