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I'm amused by this trend of you guys all trying to outdo each other with your tie boners.
It's true. What's next, dress henleys?
WTAF, son, I was in NYC this morning and it wasn't THAT cold. Stop being a pussy.If you can't tell, I am exceedingly jealous of your kick-ass herringbone overcoat. What a great colour, too.
There are none. Pleats are for fat old dudes.
I really don't agree that there are racial parameters to this; it's not like there aren't other varieties of short people in the world. I'll admit that I am amused by this comically tiny man and his little suits, but the reason I tossed verbal turds at this photo is that it seems he dropped big bucks on something that couldn't possibly do a better (worse?) job of making him look even shorter. In fact, if you were deliberately trying to visually shrink an already small...
I think this has turned into a cautionary tale about double-breasted suits in general, really.
I laughed until I peed myself a little.
Sir, I am not a fan of your gigantic trousers. But your fried chicken is delicious.
Holy f**king camel toe, son.
Around here we subscribe to the "if you can't say anything nice..." policy.
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