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Quote: Originally Posted by Paulatailor It should go along well with jeans and white shirt. Dear Lord... it's possible that there is not one single redeeming value to this photo. What the hell is going on with that man's neckline? Did he get sunburned while wearing a bag over his head?
I like Tie Bar's pocket squares, which are like $8. I'm a flat-fold kind of guy so I don't really care that the edges are machine-sewn.
I'm sure the material is wonderful, but it looks like it fell out of the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down.
I personally think it's godawful, from the eye-burning pattern to the contrasting zip collar detail.
The ones you got are considerably less vulgar than the ones you want. Keep 'em and count your blessings, man.
(Checks bank balance) Son of a bitch.
Sick. Makes me wish summers were a little cooler around here.
Is this like the sartorial mullet? Business up top, party below?
Quote: Originally Posted by imwithtuxedo Found this exact watch on the bay Well, if by "exact" you mean a watch with a different colour bezel and a different strap, then yeah, I guess it's this exact watch...
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