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Here's the thing about Spoo: He wanted to win, so he went for it; his fit shows some originality and he clearly wasn't going for a tie (no pun intended). Doing a poal for a set of submissions like this isn't all that interesting. What we really should have done is set an over-under on how many dark denim + blazer combinations we'd see. Finally, 2011 is just a few weeks away, and anyone who still wears faux-workwear can suck one. I thank you for your time.
I don't think your pics are big enough. Or that you were close enough to the slippers when you took the photos.
The wool trousers were almost OK, but they ruined them with a 1980s over-the-top taper.
No Graham Norton? Really?
A mid-20s associate wearing a double-breasted coat is a prime example of what attorneys call douche ipsa loquitur ("the douche speaks for itself"). You want to work for the firm, man, not dress up like you're trying to stage a hostile takeover of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdaws Yeah, might make you feel better... but I'm pretty sure it's against the law to advertise things for sale that aren't actually for sale. I don't think they're a dark vast conspiracy; they just have millions of customers that get there before I do. I've gone on at 12:00 sharp and in the first 30 seconds of the sale seen things that are sold out. Not "in members' carts", but SOLD OUT -- already purchased,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense Tasteful, yet unassuming.
The only thing I want on the whole site is a cashmere cardigan, which was normally $650 and is now... well, $455. Even if I had that kind of cash burning a hole in my pocket, if you're a man who spends $455 on a sweater, you're a bit of a tit.
My biggest concern here is that there is a thread title that starts with "DEAR IDIOTS" and I instinctively decided that I should read it.
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