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Quote: Originally Posted by chinaman I want to build an entire wardrobe with a similar style to this, do you guys have any advice or recommendations for brands? Ghey Crew?
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 I've actually never seen a pair. Neither have I. Someone post photos. This sounds awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by ElJaguario You didn't have to be douchebags about it You really ARE new here, aren't you?
Best threak evar. Seriously, though, you should show or at least describe the trousers for these suits. Some might be wearable if they have flat fronts and aren't ridiculously baggy and/or tapered. At this price it'd be worth buying for the trousers (if decent) and donating the jacket.
Why the heck would you limit yourself to just one or the other? Are you only planning to own one shirt?
Thanks for the kind words. The Mies chair and ottoman have a vintage authentic frame, but the cushions are cheap knock-offs. They're kind of crappy, actually. I still wouldn't pay for licensed cushions (which cost about as much as a small car) but if I had it to do again I'd get better fakes. The George Nelson wall clock, at least, is the real deal.
Not sure if those are the same or not. Mine were true to size and did have a little stretch in them.
I got a couple of nice wide-wale, rich, straight-leg cords like that from polo.com last year.
It's worth perusing the general closet thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=122761 My IKEA system posted therein: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...44#post2956044
You've heard the term "asshat" before?
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