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I could see that with a summer suit -- linen, flax, cotton, etc.
Sorry I interrupted your blowjob. Carry on.
One way to make a dude with a gut and a chubby face look even fatter is to give him a tiny collar and skinny necktie with a little knot.
You think the guy in the middle here is wearing his scarf like that for warmth? It looks like he's carrying a baby.Also, if you're really cold you might start by buttoning your goddamn coat.
Now you see there's your problem right there.
There's a point where this necktie boner thing starts to look ridiculous and we've clearly passed it.
This won't help, but f**k it, let's rock.
I like it. Very nice.
"MORE" links at the bottom of lists rarely work for me anymore (Chrome or Firefox). About 20% of the time I get the "working" animation and the posts are added; the rest of the time I just get a # anchor link to the top of the page.
As far as I'm concerned, 3.5" is the minimum width. No guts = no glory.
New Posts  All Forums: