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Seconded on Suitsupply. They're surprisingly well-made for the price and they have a decent range of styles.Also, the SF groupthink chorus mandates you avoid Hugo Boss, but they might be the style you're looking for (neither fashiony nor old-farty) and they have a bunch of suits on sale in the $550-$650 range right now. I like 'em.
I think you just misunderstood me here. Picture a fundamentally Neapolitan-style jacket with the traditional soft shoulders, but stronger peak lapels and a different waist treatment. Bespoke is an opportunity to mix elements of different styles. It's fun.
Vahram at Mr. Ned makes mine and they're all kinds of awesome. Besides the high quality, I think his big strength is that he's fluent in a lot of different styles. I go for a Tom Ford-ish Italian cut, but he'll make pretty much whatever you want.
Related question: does EVERYONE here now have to buy a grenadine tie?I don't know, I'm asking.
I own some lighter weight MTM trousers that have taping on the inside of the hem -- I didn't request it, but that's how they were made, so OK. They do help them hang a little straighter, and although I don't have a problem with "billowing" either way (you might want a narrower leg if that's happening for you), when I'm wearing ankle boots it does seem to mitigate the tendency of the back of the pant to get caught on the back of the boot.
Is there actually a place that sells matching blazers and caps? And follow-up question: how can I make sure I never meet anyone who shops there?I miss Garanimals too, man, but dayum.
It can work, but try using a pairing that isn't so close in value. That very pale, desaturated jacket is nice but would look better with something like a navy and white gingham -- so you'd have more contrast but complimentary colours.Now, about those "dad jeans"...
Putting the "pooP" into "SpooPoker", if you will.OK, I got nothin'.
Wow. We were all just making fun of Schuman, but he looks great here.
Let us know if you re-post, man. OK, let ME now; everyone else can kick rocks.
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