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I bought a lot of those "cherry" coat and pant hangers back in the old days. Alas, I should have bought more; they don't have anything as nice at that price anymore.
They're also appropriate if you're in a South Beach disco looking to pick up some rough trade. I'm sure someone will follow this up by posting the notorious Ferrari jacket photo as well.
I'm just going to float this idea, and you can take it or leave it, but wearing your pants above your belly button may be contributing to the overall rounded/billowy look here.
Oh man, I love this coat. I mean, yes, I'm from the school of thought that says the hood should be given a proper burial, but I'd wear the s**t out of the rest of it. The colour is just about the most perfect neutral ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn he said sploogtastic! Right. Or somethin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel 100% grey cashmere birdseye. Fall/winter. These are $249 shipped. Holy crap. Spoogetastic.
I'm glad this was dusted off because it predated my SF tenure. I have to admit that when I see a subject line like this, I have two reactions: 1. This thread is going to be full of miserable pricks mocking some poor guy's poor use of Google Translate and generally showing SF to be the worst sorts of people humanity has to offer. and 2. I want in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff 100% agree with gdl. Seconded.
I don't think it's too slim. Too long, obviously, but not too slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bananafish I'm looking for classic thin wool or top quality cotton turtlenecks in a slim tailored fit in cream or off-white, black, navy, etc. I hate the merinos that John Smedley produces because they have this sheen that's hard to describe but makes them look glitzy despite the nice cuts they do. I really just want to find some high quality trad men's fitted turtleneck sweaters that are light enough to wear under a two button...
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