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Too small for me...
Are these the ones with the entire herd of horses on the chest?
The Cougar looks great. I'm interested.
I've bought new AE on sale for $220. Close enough? If not, there are other options. You don't really need to buy used. Opinions vary, but I can't imagine anyone here really wants to buy shoes that have been broken in on another dude's feet.
I think it looks good. Most here on MC are vehemently opposed to shorter jackets, but I don't think we all need to go full-on traditionalist here. Sleeves do need to be a little longer, though, and I think your shirt cuffs need to be shorter (which is making it all look worse than it really is).
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Havent tried, but dont plan to. I don't even know who you are anymore, man.
OK, well, I have a cheap cotton blazer with a shawl collar that I dig. It's a nice variant on the standard safari jacket: But it works (and I realize even that is debatable) because it's light in colour and very casual. I think you could make a suit like this if you were going with cotton and some kind of khaki or dove grey. But you're talking about getting one in navy, which is about as business as a colour can be. It sounds a bit fail.
Don't be this douche.
I'm a fan of CT, partly because their slim shirts fit me about as well as my better MTM. That's just my good fortune, though; your mileage may vary. I have to pay $10 to get the sleeves adjusted because I'm between the two lengths they offer. No big deal. Quality is high and they've held up really well. Also their return policy is first rate. Their pricing is sort of a shell game and their current sale is just standard pricing cut a different way. Right now the buy 1 at...
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