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Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn The clipped grammar in your sentences makes it pretty funny to read in my head with a Russian accent. Haw. I thought exactly the same thing. But you said it first, so that makes you the terrible person. And of course watch automatic. In Soviet Russia, watch wind YOU!
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang The color of that Margiela tneck is perfection. Agreed. Beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by DutchMen Include a 5th button. Right on. It works for Tom Ford, and I am not in the business of questioning His wisdom.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Ahahah yeah, I had to move his tricycle out of the frame to not fuck up the pic. Well played.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m For those of you interested: Is this your son's closet or something?
Good for what, exactly? It helps to know what you want to wear it with and where. Going to the beach? Wearing to work? Doing a David Carradine?
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja No offense but some of you DO NOT read or try to search on your own. I swear. In all fairness, have you tried the search here? Every once in a while I try to find something I spotted on B&S. The first few results are invariably something someone sold in 2007 or some s**t. I rarely find what I'm after. I can see how anybody might give up after a couple of tries. But you're right, there is a Clarks DB...
I like their straight leg cords in solid colours. That's about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH His caption read Boyfriend Pants. I looked at the picture and couldn't help but think, "Well not everybody's boyfriend is shorter than their girlfriend, Schuman."
Rachel Maddow seems like a pretty cool dude, and I think she'd look good (and perhaps kind of groundbreaking) if she wore a pocket square. So I emailed her and said so. You'll be surprised to know I haven't heard back from her on that as of yet.
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