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Yeah, that's the thing, keep the stripping under control, particularly if you work in an office. Stripping can be frowned upon in the workplace.
Quote: Originally Posted by dk123 You have a rough life. Maybe time for suicide? Seriously. The lower edge was ABOVE your thumbnail??? I mean, there's no coming back from that, man.
He's "fancy", if you get my drift.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Bump. I have to wait till certain business interests that may have been damaged in the recent Baltimore fire are sorted out but I promise to throw a coin or two at this. You're a terrible person. I like the cut of your jib.
The coat is probably hopeless, but I would totally rock the trousers with something like a light blue sweater over a white shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Can pleats be added to flat front suit pants? How much should it cost? Does it turn out well? This is sort of like asking if you can get your dick shortened.
What's the polo made of? And are you sure about that P2P measurement? It seems a bit wide for a 48. Thanks.
What if I just send you a few pounds in exchange for you not putting them on wire hangers anymore?
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear Thoughts? Acceptable.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear But it seems like I'm wearing clown shoes! Ad others have stated, you absolutely need better shoes. But "clown shoe" syndrome is also usually largely attributable to tapered leg trousers. Maybe you have a bit of both contributing factors here? Quote: Originally Posted by azlawstudent Yes. Explain. I haven't yet heard a reason for this other than the usual old-fartism.
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