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I'm pretty sure my Mom reads mine. And I get a lot of fan mail from Nigerian royalty.
Successful purchase from stu00a. Nice guy with good taste, too.
Bump because I have one of those Corneliani-made alpaca Polo sport coats (not that exact one, but a similar one) and I love it more than life itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom K4inamja: My blog post tomorrow is tentatively titled "Cedar in your closet: the double edged sword". Read that post before you tear the wrappings off those cedar accessories. Better still, keep your receipt. That way you can return them for credit or for a full refund. Oh noes! "Cedar: The Silent Killer"
Quote: Originally Posted by dsmolken You're in a band with Geddy Lee? That's kind of awesome.
Dude. It was less than an hour since your last post. Have a beer. Watch TV. Do some f**kin' thing.
I think a weaver can fix it. Get the thing cleaned, along with anything else you store in there, and invest in some cedar blocks to repel the little f**ks in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive Before and after WHAT? Botox alone wouldn't achieve that. Appreciated the Hugh Jasshole references later in teh threak though.
Quote: Originally Posted by christinedaae also have a 94 lexus ES300 that I drive to the gym and crap in. I REALLY hope I just read that wrong.
Well, at first I was all... ...but then I was like... One clutch master cylinder later I'm back on the road.
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