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The suit might be OK, but it's hard to imagine anyone possibly wearing it worse than the way this guy is.
I personally think that big boxy duffle coats with the huge toggles are way post-peak and are well on their way to becoming the men's equivalent of Uggs.
I'd suggest you also consider size as an important parameter. I find anything smaller than about 70" x 12" limits the number of ways I can comfortably tie or otherwise wear a scarf.
Agreed. With quieter laces, maybe worn with denim. Making them work would be an interesting challenge.
A bit of a necropost in this thread, but we finally evaluated and posted a very brief review of iTailor's custom trousers. Bottom line is that it was a fail, and a particularly frustrating fail, because if they'd used better materials and not started and ended the customer relationship with lies they might have been on to something. (Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?)
Thanks for ruining my holiday shopping plans at STP, son...
They already have names: Trinidad and Tobago.We're all kinds of international up in this jawn.
My "I'm above this" post is better than yours.
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