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Quote: Originally Posted by dsmolken You're in a band with Geddy Lee? That's kind of awesome.
Dude. It was less than an hour since your last post. Have a beer. Watch TV. Do some f**kin' thing.
I think a weaver can fix it. Get the thing cleaned, along with anything else you store in there, and invest in some cedar blocks to repel the little f**ks in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive Before and after WHAT? Botox alone wouldn't achieve that. Appreciated the Hugh Jasshole references later in teh threak though.
Quote: Originally Posted by christinedaae also have a 94 lexus ES300 that I drive to the gym and crap in. I REALLY hope I just read that wrong.
Well, at first I was all... ...but then I was like... One clutch master cylinder later I'm back on the road.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD A colour like this will work with grey too: Opinions vary.
I'm thinking some sort of textured medium grey, maybe like a wool flannel.
Tasteful, yet unassuming.
OK, on item 8 (RLPL wool pants) could we get some info on the legs? Straight/tapered? Measurement for the leg opening and maybe at knee?
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