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Sprezzy as hell, that.
This new design is good news for Unrefinery-haters, because I spent so much time trying unsuccessfully to do things that used to be routine that I'm just kind of disheartened. I also tried to do things I couldn't before, like specify sort parameters for search, only to find that the results ignored my requests to (for instance) show the latest stuff first. This would be less painful if the font was more readable. Or if the layout fit on my tablet screen. Maybe I just need...
1982 was back in the days when vox was a lot more verbose, too. He'd say things like Quote: ..... Good times.
Quote: Originally Posted by easy_golfing whats the consensus on these in beeswax http://www.zappos.com/clarks-desert-...hocolate-suede What's not to like? Classic, versatile, affordable.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell OP does need slimmer pant legs. Slimmer, absolutely. Tapered from knee to ankle, no.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark They also need to be tapered from the knee down. Why not tell the poor guy to add pleats while you're at it. Get that full-on 80s steez. Jesus.
I'm waiting for the threadbump of a 1982 post when Spoo talks about how his "uncle" Gianni is going to get him into a good school.
Quote: Originally Posted by insignia200 As you can see it's just sort of flimsy looking and it is. I tried to take an iron to it but ehhh.... I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to restore it a little better? Sorry, man. Welcome to the world of the incredibly shitty ASOS house brand. Live and learn.
He should go back to his day job of standing in front of a cigar store.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achillus Why the long face?
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