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Gold chain(s).
Kent, I have this pocket square and I love it more than life itself. We need more of these light coloured, delicate printed patterns for summer.
I laughed so hard l think I let out a little bit of pee.
Broad lapels can be awesome, and skinny lapels are a temporary fad that resurfaces only every 40-50 years. So how bad are they? Are you sure you need to do anything about them? Post a picture of your jacket!
Santoni. Do want.
Fair enough, but I'd argue that the opposite is also a problem, though -- that some people look good in spite of what they're wearing, not because of it, and for those reasons we somehow aren't supposed to notice even the most obvious avenues for improvement. Like getting Mr. Mort guy here to hem his way-too-long trousers or to not have a sphincterlike pucker at the front of his collar. (And no, I don't know who this guy is.)We can all dress better, but few of us will be...
Are you sure you don't want to introduce just a little more colour here? Like, maybe that striped tie with a pale blue or lavender square?
Likewise. Scarred by the 80s, and by Don Cherry.
See, I think all three of the photos you posted this morning are interesting and there are some nice clothes in them. But after years of seeing this sort of thing -- and this is really terrible -- the first things I always notice are the obvious, easily solvable issues that if corrected would make these outfits better. In this case, all he really had to do was put on a solid-coloured shirt with no contrast placket and slightly shorter sleeves. Sprezz has a point of...
Did you try steaming it out?
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