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Order the trousers unfinished, or about 3" longer than you actually need.Voila, enough material for your tailor to make belt loops.
They're not for everyone, but I dig my Varvatos loafers. True colour is somewhere between sand and pewter.
Ballin' jacket and an unbelievable deal. Someone grab this.
You could probably get a trained monkey that would push macro buttons firing off examples of knee-jerk SF groupthink -- "HB is inferior", "I sniff at anything fused", etc. -- in response to certain trigger words and phrases. Actually, maybe someone already did.
MiamiRedSkin is selling this Hermes linen coat, and I love everything about it except that it's too big for me. Any leads on where I might find a summer jacket like this? It's pretty much exactly what I want in terms of cut, lapels, material, pattern, etc. Obviously I could go bespoke but I'd sure like to place an order and get something next week, as I am a cheap and impatient bastard. Normally I go with Faconnable, Tyrwhitt, etc. for stuff like this. No dice.
It's a solid suit for the money. Enjoy it and don't look back.
Am I the only one missing the "I got answers" part of this threak?
On the old system, "My Posts" brought up a list of every thread I've posted in, with the threads in which I most recently posted at the top. Now, "My Posts" gives me the same list, but they're sorted by the last time ANYBODY posted in them. So even if my "ask a question" post was answered 2 years ago, that thread might still be at the top of my list, because someone else posted in it today. And the thread in which I posted yesterday could be anywhere; I have to hunt...
Can I get a confirmation on the P2P and shoulder measurements for that Hermes linen jacket? Both seem about 1.5" too big for a EU 50. Thanks.
I like them. My Boss Black wool trousers are solid staples made from good material. They have a nice tailored fit with a straight finish and they never seem to show any signs of wear. If I want something more interesting I usually go with Bonobos. Boss also does a lighter weight trouser with a little bit of stretch that I really like.
New Posts  All Forums: