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PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker So I gather no shoe serkle. They probably all just bumped dicks instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Can we get some live updates? Shoe serkle? It's in Northern Liberties, and the primary attendees are from SW&D. So just go to Look At This Fucking Hipster and check out a few photos. That'll give you a sufficiently accurate picture of what you missed.
Can I get measurements on that Tumi travel passport wallet? And also a condition report, I guess; is there some price tag residue and/or a hole in the front above the logo?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheCav Mr.Ned is american style. Says who? Vahram (aka Mr. Ned) will make whatever you want. I have a Mr. Ned suit where the jacket is so fitted that I can't put sunglasses in the chest pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by dnsnlsn
Start working in some browns that will go with everything you already wear. Chocolate brown, camel tan, etc. Add shirts in pale lavender. Get some light grey in there.
I think a hugely important parameter here is how well it fits you OTR. So my recommendation might be crap for you. That said, Charles Tyrwhitt's slim-fit shirts basically fit like they were made for me. Quality's pretty nice. CT slim are the only shirts I can wear OTR with no tailoring required whatsoever.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames Navy is too chromatically weak to roll with black- for a shoe it's hardly a deal breaker, but for a colour scheme in general, it's not good There's one thing that's true about colour theory whether you apply it to painting, to design, or to your wardrobe -- if the contrast is unclear or confusing to the eye, it's visually unpleasant. That's the problem with black and navy. They're so close that they almost...
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