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Good for what, exactly? It helps to know what you want to wear it with and where. Going to the beach? Wearing to work? Doing a David Carradine?
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja No offense but some of you DO NOT read or try to search on your own. I swear. In all fairness, have you tried the search here? Every once in a while I try to find something I spotted on B&S. The first few results are invariably something someone sold in 2007 or some s**t. I rarely find what I'm after. I can see how anybody might give up after a couple of tries. But you're right, there is a Clarks DB...
I like their straight leg cords in solid colours. That's about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH His caption read Boyfriend Pants. I looked at the picture and couldn't help but think, "Well not everybody's boyfriend is shorter than their girlfriend, Schuman."
Rachel Maddow seems like a pretty cool dude, and I think she'd look good (and perhaps kind of groundbreaking) if she wore a pocket square. So I emailed her and said so. You'll be surprised to know I haven't heard back from her on that as of yet.
I don't like it. And I generally like this sort of thing.
Wearing a goddamn mountain range in your pocket looks tryhard and foppish.
Quote: Originally Posted by mech IFR Kurtz and Unrefinery - where would I find a similar coat (the Hackett Classic) in the States? I've been looking for an overcoat like that for some time now! alcool beat me to it -- Charles Tyrwhitt is my first thought there. I called my phone order in to Hackett and they sent it to me. Kind of a hassle, took a long time, customs etc. It would have been a pain to return it if it didn't fit. I wouldn't have...
Quote: Originally Posted by .Kurtz. Hackett Smithfield Classic Coat: Oh man, I have what I think is the exact same coat and I love it. Very flattering cut. I wear it in a slightly more American style after having the lapels re-pressed to the second button. I took a chance on it and it turned out to be one of my favourite coats.
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