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The wool trousers were almost OK, but they ruined them with a 1980s over-the-top taper.
No Graham Norton? Really?
A mid-20s associate wearing a double-breasted coat is a prime example of what attorneys call douche ipsa loquitur ("the douche speaks for itself"). You want to work for the firm, man, not dress up like you're trying to stage a hostile takeover of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdaws Yeah, might make you feel better... but I'm pretty sure it's against the law to advertise things for sale that aren't actually for sale. I don't think they're a dark vast conspiracy; they just have millions of customers that get there before I do. I've gone on at 12:00 sharp and in the first 30 seconds of the sale seen things that are sold out. Not "in members' carts", but SOLD OUT -- already purchased,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense Tasteful, yet unassuming.
The only thing I want on the whole site is a cashmere cardigan, which was normally $650 and is now... well, $455. Even if I had that kind of cash burning a hole in my pocket, if you're a man who spends $455 on a sweater, you're a bit of a tit.
My biggest concern here is that there is a thread title that starts with "DEAR IDIOTS" and I instinctively decided that I should read it.
I have a really similar shirt, and it totally kills with medium-grey wool flannel trousers. Of course there's always khaki or black as well.
If you're worried about looking like a Wall Street investment banker, there are parameters more important than the pattern. Pinstripe is fine. What's more important is the type of suit -- you want single-breasted, 2-piece.
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