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Just curious, but what's wrong with LEC? They make a lot of decent clothes for people with tight budgets. SW&D goes crazy over their chambray shirts (which isn't much of an endorsement, but still...)We try to write about stuff in various price levels so if you have other suggestions for affordable kit I'd find that helpful.
I appear to be alone in thinking that you overhyped this, mang...
Nonsense. Do whatever you like.
I don't mean to make ETRO angry. I'd just like to know if ETRO has measurements and a condition report on ETRO shirt. Please and thank you.
I like to pull my sweater sleeves up a little so that they hit about the halfway point between the shirt and jacket cuff. Adds a nice little layer of detail.Since this board has made me thoroughly sick of looking at dudes, I'm using a photo of Esther Quek to demonstrate:
A sloppily dressed twink?
No, you want to show about as much cuff as you would with a jacket -- 1/4", 1/2", whatever.
I think she has a point. That big, low lapel notch is really dated.Some nice pickups otherwise, though.
I got some "Batman" underoos for my birthday when I was around 4.Not sayin' anything, just sayin'.
Denim, khakis, cargos, red or burgundy corduroy, lighter grey wool flannel, maybe donegal / tweed...Great looking shirt. Nice find, man.
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