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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Wear a bowtie?
You guys who serially dip your neckties into s**t aren't getting the hint, are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Depends. You cuff your Dependsâ„¢???
Same cheap Timex watch, different band. MrsSpooBeads. Tom Ford eyeglasses. $11.95 scarf from H&M.
My brown herringbone suit from Mr. Ned. Bonus brown content: $24 Timex watch from Target.
I'm not a fan of cuffs, primarily because everyone I see wearing a $100 suit has cuffed trousers. But this is one of those rare things in sartorialism that is completely a matter of personal preference. Unlike pleats, which are horrible without exception, there's no right or wrong here. Get whichever you like.
I love navy. Not just for suits, but for polos, turtlenecks, etc. It's really remarkable how flattering it is to almost everyone. However, I'd like to take this opportunity to state that if you wear black shoes with a navy suit, you are a filthy pigf**ker. I thank you for your time.
I have a cotton twill suit from L.L.Bean Signature and I think it's great -- nice deep khaki colour, high notch on the lapel, working button holes on the sleeves. I believe it was about $200. The trousers were a tad full but nothing a little tailoring couldn't fix.
Does it have to be linen? You have so many more options if you're open to cotton or a cotton/linen blend.
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