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...er... so you want your hips to seem BIGGER in relation to your lower legs and feet?
I don't think it's a coincidence that advanced tie knots sound a lot like gay sex acts.
So I've found a one-of-a-kind sports coat that would be perfect for me, except that the shoulder measurement is 19". My three best-fitting coats all have 18 1/4" shoulders. Would that extra 3/8" on each side not even be noticeable, or would it annoy me for the rest of my life?
The squares at TheTieBar.com are $8 or $12. Decent place to start.I recommend either folding them square or just stuffing them in somehow. Elaborate origami folds and mountain ranges are foppish and effete.
I'm liking Warby Parker for this sort of thing these days. They'll send you a few pairs to try for free with no obligation too.
It is pretty bad, but unfortunately, there's very little you can do about it besides buy a different suit. Sorry, man.
I go to a ton of exhibition openings as part of my work, and my M.O. is based on the venue:Museums: suit, dress shirt, no tie.Proper galleries: nice trousers, dress shirt, maybe a sweater and/or scarf if it's cool out.First Fridays / galleries with alleyway entrances / similar nonsense: nothing that involves ironing or dry cleaning.
My 82-year-old grandfather wears tassel loafers.Your mileage may vary.
Short answer: no.Slightly more helpful answer: I think venetians are a lot more stylish and classic.
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