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Are you sure you don't want to introduce just a little more colour here? Like, maybe that striped tie with a pale blue or lavender square?
Likewise. Scarred by the 80s, and by Don Cherry.
See, I think all three of the photos you posted this morning are interesting and there are some nice clothes in them. But after years of seeing this sort of thing -- and this is really terrible -- the first things I always notice are the obvious, easily solvable issues that if corrected would make these outfits better. In this case, all he really had to do was put on a solid-coloured shirt with no contrast placket and slightly shorter sleeves. Sprezz has a point of...
Did you try steaming it out?
It's comic relief. Don't hate, man.Coincidentally I learned that people who love that shit are not fans of my website. I'm not sure how to break it to my advertisers that we've lost such a coveted demographic.
Do you have to buy jeans with the gift cert? I am a Bonobos fan, but in my opinion the denim is their weakest product line.
Look at that fucking beak. You tell me:
I usually find D.S. Dundee under $100.
Funny you should ask.
"Drape" is a code word for "Mens Wearhouse".
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