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I don't mean to make ETRO angry. I'd just like to know if ETRO has measurements and a condition report on ETRO shirt. Please and thank you.
I like to pull my sweater sleeves up a little so that they hit about the halfway point between the shirt and jacket cuff. Adds a nice little layer of detail.Since this board has made me thoroughly sick of looking at dudes, I'm using a photo of Esther Quek to demonstrate:
A sloppily dressed twink?
No, you want to show about as much cuff as you would with a jacket -- 1/4", 1/2", whatever.
I think she has a point. That big, low lapel notch is really dated.Some nice pickups otherwise, though.
I got some "Batman" underoos for my birthday when I was around 4.Not sayin' anything, just sayin'.
Denim, khakis, cargos, red or burgundy corduroy, lighter grey wool flannel, maybe donegal / tweed...Great looking shirt. Nice find, man.
Gold chain(s).
Kent, I have this pocket square and I love it more than life itself. We need more of these light coloured, delicate printed patterns for summer.
I laughed so hard l think I let out a little bit of pee.
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