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I have a pair of those ivory Peal & Co wingtips, or at least an extremely similar pair from Brooks Bros. They do run at least 1/2 size small, but man, they're like BUTTAH.
I might suggest purchasing a dictionary, Mr. "Rennaisance".
This is a great look, and I appreciate where you're going with this. Over the last few years there's been a nice trend of classic menswear patterns on things like women's shoes, and this is a fashionable step forward in that same direction. There's something really interesting and pleasantly dissonant about these classic men's elements applied to a female form. Not to plug my site too shamelessly, but we've started to see men's suits worn in ways that used to be the sole...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I would opt for a sand or light grey linen suit with white shirt, sans tie. Listen to this guy. Also, brown belt and brown sandals. I hope I don't have to spell it out, but no socks.
PM sent, but don't get too excited, I'm just buying the scarf. (Nothing else fits me... it all looks great though.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Jan Can anyone comment on the fit of the "Slightly fitted, falls at hip" shirts by LLB Sig (the description of all the shirts from madras to hunter plaid to chambray...)? I like the look of a few of these. If anyone could compare the waist relative to J.Crew's cut, or a flat measurement at the waist on a Medium would be awesome (or fitpic!) Thanks in advance A I checked out their Gingham Poplin Dress...
I'm a big fan of these. Nice work.
Quote: Originally Posted by cookieoflife Anyone bite on that cashmere cardigan? At $130 with free shipping I'm very tempted. I've got one. Lightweight, stretchy. It's nice for the price.
I'm a fan of both. But as my favourite category is knitwear, Hackett wins on this one by not ruining every nice sweater they make by putting a comically huge f**king horse on it. Also, as much as it pains me to admit it, there seems to have developed a significant congruence between wearing Purple Label and being a douche.
PM sent!
New Posts  All Forums: