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My impression that SF has become a bit dull has little to do with the banning of lunatics, I think, and a lot more to do with the fact that any potential new user whose style doesn't reside somewhere between prep / trad and trad / prep is probably going to be actively discouraged from sticking around. Not saying there isn't a place for hazing and ridicule, but there it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy
I think we're being trolled, gents.
Quote: Originally Posted by P. Bateman Cashmere sweaters, hang or fold? I've been folding them but I need the space for other stuff. I'm concerned the necks will stretch out if hung, should I be? Your concern is warranted. Don't even THINK about hanging them. What's the other stuff you need space for? Maybe you can hang some of those things instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by smk Would it look alright to wear a taupe suede desert boots with khakis with colors little lighter than the dbs, with a white dress shirt, and a navy blazer? Or should I go with darker shoes? It all sounds great, except for the titanic cliche that is the navy blazer and the solid-solid-solid composition. You sound like a progressive guy; you should try something a little more original. How about a navy cardigan...
Save your money and don't wear a ring. How about a nice wedding automatic wristwatch?
That Baracuta jacket is just fantastic. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I measure myself or my clothing, it still looks like it wouldn't fit me. Great colour. I wish single-breasted belted coats like that were easier to come by these days.
Can you pay for them with "replica" money?
I bought a lot of those "cherry" coat and pant hangers back in the old days. Alas, I should have bought more; they don't have anything as nice at that price anymore.
They're also appropriate if you're in a South Beach disco looking to pick up some rough trade. I'm sure someone will follow this up by posting the notorious Ferrari jacket photo as well.
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