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Except that I said no such thing.And "influential" doesn't make one's opinion is God's Holy Word. Hell, Rush Limbaugh is "influential" but that bloated colostomy bag couldn't say something truthful if his life depended on it.
He's a blogger. Bloggers post opinions, and on this one there's no ironclad right or wrong answer. The problem is that you posted this as your entire response:Anyone who takes any blogger's opinion on something this subjective as an indisputable fact is a sheep begging to be shorn. And now you're going to call someone ignorant because he doesn't share your idolatry?
Another one for the comically impractical scarf display fetishists...
This suit is all kinds of awesome. I love the colour, the texture, and the man-sized lapels. Well done.
Fairly or unfairly, there's a stigma attached to Rolex because so many people buy them for the wrong reasons. Think of them as the BMW of watches. BMW produces extremely well-made and brilliantly performing cars, and a handful of them are actually not all that vulgar in design, but there's a limit to how much one wants to have in common with an MBA taking his first Wall Street job after moving out of the frat house.
Just curious, but what's wrong with LEC? They make a lot of decent clothes for people with tight budgets. SW&D goes crazy over their chambray shirts (which isn't much of an endorsement, but still...)We try to write about stuff in various price levels so if you have other suggestions for affordable kit I'd find that helpful.
I appear to be alone in thinking that you overhyped this, mang...
Nonsense. Do whatever you like.
I don't mean to make ETRO angry. I'd just like to know if ETRO has measurements and a condition report on ETRO shirt. Please and thank you.
I like to pull my sweater sleeves up a little so that they hit about the halfway point between the shirt and jacket cuff. Adds a nice little layer of detail.Since this board has made me thoroughly sick of looking at dudes, I'm using a photo of Esther Quek to demonstrate:
New Posts  All Forums: