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[x] tl;dr
[x] both. It's not like you wouldn't get use out of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mariooo Got my Polo this week, nice and soft fabric & as others have mentioned - a really nice collar I took some fit pics, but just saw that sweetlodge on page 22 already posted a fit pic of the "large" one, and we're both 5'11'' and 165lbs anyway, here are mine: Looks great, Mariooo. So which size are you wearing here?
That Tom Ford-style one from before is going to be hard to beat, but this one looks great too. Agree with the consensus that the trousers are just a little bit too short.
Get some color block sweaters and go all Cosby Show?
That peach Tom Ford sport coat is utterly teh secks. Someone buy it before it makes me miss a car payment.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevent Any word on quality from people who have had JV bags for a while? I can't speak to their canvas bags, but I have a leather Varvatos weekend bag that is an absolute tank. I've been tossing it into cabs and kicking it under airline seats all over the world for over two years now and it appears to be completely indestructible. That said, the bag you chose looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit...
Has there been some sort of military coup in SW&D that caused a mass exodus of refugees to MC? I don't know, I'm asking.
I think straight-up black and white is sufficiently boring that you can feel free to defy convention on this one. When I go to formal events that call for a black suit, I usually go with a very faint grey-and-white stripe shirt or a very pale blue. Then you can pretty much do whatever you want with the pocket square in terms of colour and pattern. Have fun.
That Spurr sweater is utterly sick. Love the Tom Ford style wide hem. Thank God it's too small for me.
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