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Do not wear a fedora. Just don't.
Seconded. I am a fan of AE, but these are some of the least attractive shoes they make.
You bought a suit with purple stripes and you don't like anything loud. O....kay....Since the suit itself is a kind of flamboyant statement piece, what you want to do is keep it simple and wear it with things that won't turn up the volume. So white or pale blue shirts with no pattern, black or dark brown shoes and belt, etc. Don't overthink this, man.
WTF, son, since when are Tom Ford loafers not "keeping up"?
OK, I LOL'd at that, as the kids say.
Hey, tread lightly, man. I'm still pissed off that you slandered my people* with your "fur-wearing pimp from Harlem" comment.* And by "my people" I mean carpet-baggers who infested Upper Manhattan gobbling up cheap real estate.
kevinsp8, I really hope you can consider an alternate position without once again triggering Teh Ghey Martyr Complex, but have you thought through what is really so bad about Victor having a close relationship with his tailor? Almost everyone gets some degree of professional help at one point or another, whether it's a tailor with professional stylists or a sales associate who helps you find the right size and a flattering colour. The best photos here give us all ideas and...
That's right, folks, you heard it on this forum first: these three artworks are comparable, and in equally good taste. I guess I'll just put my MFA diploma in the gents so I can wipe myself with it.
I'd buttonhole it....OK, I got nothin'.
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