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Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal ^ what's the deal with the unbucled monkstraps ?? I score it somewhere between "transparently phony" and "you aren't doing it right":
Thanks, for the pics, _yoo, and welcome to the forum. This is more about the styling than the collection itself, but I like this business with the substantial crewneck sweaters under suits and jackets: Quote: Originally Posted by _yoo Also, as a guy who never wears a necktie, the lightweight scarf thing speaks to me.
No wonder they lost the fucking Empire.
So does this "The Chive" site do anything besides steal photos from PeopleOfWalMart.com, recompress the images to shit and stick their own badge on them?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria .. Man, after seeing you walk back a few hundred drunken posts in this manner, I'm starting to think the above is a photo of your 'nads. Actual size.
We got enough fan mail from our Why We're Sick Of Mad Men article to know that the backlash is full on, but more personally, I hate the fact that people think this show invented mid-century style. You can't wear a pocket square or have a piece of Eames office furniture without some mouth-breather seeing it and asking, "do you watch that show Mad Men?" As for BR, I once was a regular shopper but am with JJGooden -- there's not a single item they sell right now that I have...
A lot more information is needed to answer the question. What type of sweater? What are you wearing it with? What climate? Are you OK with dry-clean-only or do you need something you can toss in the laundry?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mariooo thanks, its a Large That settles it. I'm placing an order right now. My excitement about this kind of collar on a polo shirt borders on arousal.
[x] tl;dr
[x] both. It's not like you wouldn't get use out of them.
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