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You've heard the term "asshat" before?
It's a cut of last resort for people with big saggy bewbs. End of story.
Daffy's is worth doing. On Chestnut I think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo That green chambray is a god awful color. It's for new dads. If your precious little ankle-biter pukes on it, nobody will know.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Isn't launching a brand on Gilt like a movie going straight to video? I think I just let out a little bit of pee.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda You need to get out more. ...or you need to get out less. Whatever you're doing, you aren't doing it right.
Offhand I can't think of a business in this class whose products are so consistently boring and unimaginative. AA makes Old Navy look like Alexander McQueen. Good riddance.
Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig in my case, there are few situations in which i can't wear it, but there are also few situations in which i want to. Well put. I can't think of a single occasion in which I wouldn't have the imagination and inclination to wear something different; there's always a better option. I wouldn't own one.
I like their build quality too, but that shirt doesn't remotely fit you. Seriously, man, it looks like you're wearing a tent.
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewm1 Fair point on the pants length though - I'll likely get them shortened when I get the next few. Anything else that I might do? It looks good. All it needs is shorter trousers, and that's the easiest and cheapest possible modification. Nice going. Seriously, though, don't ever wear those shoes again for any reason. Burn them with high heat.
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