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It is pretty bad, but unfortunately, there's very little you can do about it besides buy a different suit. Sorry, man.
I go to a ton of exhibition openings as part of my work, and my M.O. is based on the venue:Museums: suit, dress shirt, no tie.Proper galleries: nice trousers, dress shirt, maybe a sweater and/or scarf if it's cool out.First Fridays / galleries with alleyway entrances / similar nonsense: nothing that involves ironing or dry cleaning.
My 82-year-old grandfather wears tassel loafers.Your mileage may vary.
Short answer: no.Slightly more helpful answer: I think venetians are a lot more stylish and classic.
Order the trousers unfinished, or about 3" longer than you actually need.Voila, enough material for your tailor to make belt loops.
They're not for everyone, but I dig my Varvatos loafers. True colour is somewhere between sand and pewter.
Ballin' jacket and an unbelievable deal. Someone grab this.
You could probably get a trained monkey that would push macro buttons firing off examples of knee-jerk SF groupthink -- "HB is inferior", "I sniff at anything fused", etc. -- in response to certain trigger words and phrases. Actually, maybe someone already did.
MiamiRedSkin is selling this Hermes linen coat, and I love everything about it except that it's too big for me. Any leads on where I might find a summer jacket like this? It's pretty much exactly what I want in terms of cut, lapels, material, pattern, etc. Obviously I could go bespoke but I'd sure like to place an order and get something next week, as I am a cheap and impatient bastard. Normally I go with Faconnable, Tyrwhitt, etc. for stuff like this. No dice.
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