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I have bespoke suits that were (for my income level, anyway) painfully expensive and one is a heavy flannel I only wear when it's cold. I also have an off-the-rack cotton suit that I absolutely love; it was around $250 including tailoring and I wear it spring through fall.What's more important for you is to first identify the kind of suit you want -- the style, the colour, where you'll be wearing it, etc. After that you'll find this forum to be a great resource for helping...
Wait... it fits, you like it, and you already own it. And you need the Internet's opinion before wearing it?
The horse isn't big enough. I think they make one closer to actual size.
They lost me with the super-skinny, inadequate little lapels. But then, I think "Mad Men" blows and Tom Ford is my hero.
Can we leave Moo out of this?
I was big enough for your mom.
You know, man, your clothes all really look great and I'm impressed that at such a young age you're successfully balancing the right amounts of saturated colours and neutrals, solids with textures, etc. without overdoing it. You're dressing sharp without looking like a dandy, and I think you're mixing youthful and grown-up elements in a good ratio.That said, you have the kind of face where if I saw you on the street I'd probably smack the shit out of you.
Oh come now, lighten up... Do you feel the same way about neckties? I'm not sure the necktie serves any purpose at all, other than maybe a sort of indication of one's corporate servitude.
Almost anything. Ignore the haters here. I live by lightweight linen and cotton summer scarves to keep my neck warm on cool mornings and after the sun goes down.It's fine.
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