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Relax, man. I also have a Yamamoto jacket that I love and wear the hell out of. But it doesn't mean I have to throw it on with what appear to be sweat pants and post a picture of myself looking like I just lost a fight with a homeless dude.I don't think everyone's dismayed by the look you were aiming for, but rather, that you missed it, and in some pretty obvious / easily corrected ways.
I like the jacket very much -- the colour and the lapels in particular. May I ask who made it?
God is punishing you for using an iPhone.
I like Bonobos for grown-up pants (i.e. wool).
I have bespoke suits that were (for my income level, anyway) painfully expensive and one is a heavy flannel I only wear when it's cold. I also have an off-the-rack cotton suit that I absolutely love; it was around $250 including tailoring and I wear it spring through fall.What's more important for you is to first identify the kind of suit you want -- the style, the colour, where you'll be wearing it, etc. After that you'll find this forum to be a great resource for helping...
Wait... it fits, you like it, and you already own it. And you need the Internet's opinion before wearing it?
The horse isn't big enough. I think they make one closer to actual size.
They lost me with the super-skinny, inadequate little lapels. But then, I think "Mad Men" blows and Tom Ford is my hero.
Can we leave Moo out of this?
New Posts  All Forums: