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The ones you got are considerably less vulgar than the ones you want. Keep 'em and count your blessings, man.
(Checks bank balance) Son of a bitch.
Sick. Makes me wish summers were a little cooler around here.
Is this like the sartorial mullet? Business up top, party below?
Quote: Originally Posted by imwithtuxedo Found this exact watch on the bay Well, if by "exact" you mean a watch with a different colour bezel and a different strap, then yeah, I guess it's this exact watch...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Just seems sorta phoney and pretentious (bling-bling) to wear a diver's watch if you're not a diver in mid-dive. My two cents. How about carrying a briefcase if you aren't hauling a stack of briefs on your way to court? Sometimes things have aesthetic and/or practical uses beyond their original intentions.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 Good move, I am going to see what my local target has. J Crew has some good bands, although sometimes they can be pricey. Was it easy finding a band that fit correctly? I'm pretty sure I just went on Amazon.com and typed in "18mm leather watch band".
Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra This is my first watch. I'm only 21 and on a very tight budget, but haters can hate. I think it looks very nice for $72, and from what I've heard it will last quite awhile with Seiko's in house movement. Damn good choice and a good investment.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Are those Bootcut pants? Oh yeah, like THAT'S the biggest problem with his jeans.
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