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Some new arrivals here from Luxire, plus one back from the tailor after minor alterations. Trousers in Dugdale Fine Worsted - Duck Egg Blue Plain: My photo here is a little washed out. In reality the colour is darker than this but lighter than the photo on Luxire's website. These are a fantastic and comfortable lightweight wool for warm weather. Shirt in Khaki Red Tattersall Linen + White Twill Pants: I love the shirt, but I am particularly pleased with the pants...
That's almost certainly the copper chino, which I had made into cargo pants:If I'm honest it's a bit wrinkle-prone. But I've been spoiled by wrinkle-resistant fabrics.
That tan right there with the light blue windowpane (TRE 1008 Drago I think?) really speaks to me for a summer blazer.I get the LI 60% means 60% linen but what is WV 40%?
When your junk fits in a container that is smaller than your nose you are probably in for a tough life.
I don't care for your dismissive attitude towards the awesome man-sized lapel oeuvre of Tom Ford.
I just say in the notes "please use your softest possible collar lining".Not sure what's in there but it works for me.
I was going to say this was kind of a douchey comment, but then I noticed you're from Toronto.
I think it's beautiful but if you're after Standard Office Wear™ then I agree it's too pale.
For my first Luxire order I measured my best-fitting shirt and sent them those measurements. The result was nearly perfect; I only had to change one thing for subsequent shirts.To be fair, that best-fitting shirt was also custom made for me. If your own best-fitting shirt doesn't fit all that well this might not be the way to go.
New Posts  All Forums: