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I laughed out loud. Thanks for keeping the legend alive.
His trunk forms a sort of "L". See it? No? OK, screw you guys.
Just to keep the conversation going about Luxire's logo and identity system, here are a few ideas I drew up a while ago. Not intended to be viewed as complete, just sketches, really, to prompt discussion.
If we're talking about plaque belts, I think they look like something you'd see on an Express employee.
Suitsupply and Benjamin Sartorial for a start.
It's a wash, but there are better options to be had at lower prices.
I am absolutely not an expert, but this stitching looks suspect for a luxury brand.
We're going to need a lot more pictures of this, Luxire.
Really digging the colour and the sole on those.
An entire business wardrobe for $1,000 is not impossible but it's an interesting challenge. It's a given that in this price you won't be making any long-term investments.Suits: with the current sale you might get two Lands' End tailored fit suits for $250 each. If you're a slim young man you might also try the Mango sale. Get one grey and one navy. Normally I think having a pin or chalk stripe is great for a start but frankly you don't want the suits drawing attention to...
New Posts  All Forums: